The Gangsta Party

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Snoop was recently on Larry King and discussed his politics.

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  • ms jazz
  • lucky

    even sick i make the top 10 woah lol. snoop sounds like he has a brain in that head of his lol

  • bete

    Many celebs are interested in it. They are discussing it at lol

  • Bubothehater

    OMG! People are listening/seeking out his opinions on this type of stuff? he has a right to his opinion, but the fact that Larry King chose him to lob softballs at befuddles me. A man who hasn’t made a good CD since Doggystle is still relevant?

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    I watched the whole interview and was really surprised. I kinda expected that Snoop would spend the whole interview talking that “fashizzle my nizzle” talk. But he did an excellent job and I was really surprised that she discussed his infidelity. I thought it was a good interview and he handled the political questions very well.

  • Z Phi Til I Die!!

    I meant HE discussed his infidelity

  • imdone

    i hope he’s registered to vote

  • Kick Rocks!

    Uh-Oh my dawg snoop sounding intelligent and what not! Get it!

  • Lili

    LOL He’s on “medical marijuana”???? PLZ.


    I seen this Friday night I was very impressed with Snoop. He acted his age which is very close to my own. Its good to see these rapper that I grew up listening to evolve into intelligent middle aged men.

  • Ms. 305

    Snoop made me proud he was well spoken and mature.

  • Serious Sister

    I am pleasantly surprised!. Snoop is pretty articulate. Hearing him in other places he does not come off as very intelligent, this clip makes him sound like the husband,father, businessman he is.

  • Amarie4911

    You fools are no different than racist white people. Why are you surprised that a black man is intelligent? You shouldn’t be because most of the black men that I know are intelligent. And LMFAO at the dude who referred to Snoop as a middle-aged man. He’s not that old just yet.

  • tintin

    snoops the man

  • Keif K

    For another rapper who will surprise you with his intelligence check out

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