*Update* T.I.’s Farewell Concert in the ATL

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T.I. Farewell

Right before T.I. reported to prison, he married Tiny, his longtime girlfriend. Check the latest:

It’s official. The Urban Daily has learned exclusively that T.I. and Tiny are formally man and wife. Clifford Harris and his longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, who’s the mother of two of his children, have officially tied the knot in a secret ceremony, a source close to the couple told The Urban Daily. The two have been together since 2001.

“Its been a crazy situation around here with all that has been taking place. In regards to Tiny and T.I., yes they are officially husband and wife,” said the source who wished to remain anonymous because they were not at liberty to officially discuss the issue. “It recently took place in a very private ceremony with only members of the immediate family and certain members of the Grand Hustle family.”

According to the source, the couple married last Friday on an island right outside of Miami on what was publicly touted as a family trip to the southern city.

It took a prison sentence to marry his girl. Damn, how romantic is that?

T.I.’s scheduled to report to an Arkansas prison by noon today but on Sunday night at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, he performed in front of a sold out crowd of 16,000.

Tiny at T.I. FarewellT.I. FarewellT.I. FarewellT.I. FarewellT.I. Farewell T.I. FarewellT.I. FarewellT.I. Farewell



  • http://Twitter.com/bribunny twitter.com/bribunny

    Finally Tiny looks cute! lol sorry mama, but you sometimes look crazy. Follow me http://Twitter.com/bribunny

  • Jason Marcus


  • http://bossip athena

    love you T.I.!!!!! keep ya head up!!!

  • Airwolf

    Dont drop the soap

  • keekee

    He got allot of kids. I hope he saving his money cause with a felony record when the music thang slow up its going to be hard for him to find a job and take care of them kids.

  • HaitianSurvivor

    hopefully he will have time to do some sit ups!

  • WHATEVER!!!!

    Whatever! He will be alright, who needed the negative comment about THE FELONY.

  • cute

    what the hell did tiny have on and t.i. look like he been eating good before he leave but i love em. be safe keep your head up and see u in a year

  • Nigga Said

    A year and a day! That’s it! 4 seasons. Hot, cool, cold, warm and you’re home. What’s the hold up?

  • sasha

    Tiny must have a good personality I dont like to talk about people but man oh man, my mother always said if you cant say something nice dont say anything so——————–




  • Bloodshot 3rd Eye

    Isn’t he only going to actually be in jail for just like 2 or 3 months? People are acting like this dude is going to be locked down for decades. So retarded.

  • bestlife99

    look like he got his belly right before he starts the beans and weiner diet

  • mzsweetface

    Looks like Tip was trying to get bigger before his bid. That’s the biggest i’ve ever seen him.

  • Andre

    At least he’ll have time now to work on that bird chest he likes to flaunt so much

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