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Erykah Badu is featured in the latest issue of Giant Magazine sporting a series of wigs rather than her trademark giant fro. Here’s what she had to say about former loves, Andre 3000 and Common:

Common is the most humble person I ever met. Kind and generous. He reinforced that in me. Andre is very creative and artistic. All of that that you see of him, that’s all him. That’s how he is, and that gave me a creative push, too.

With Andre, we were both very young, so we didn’t know what we wanted or anything. We just knew we were in love, and we didn’t care who saw us. With Common, it was a little bit more mature.

Wow. That all sounded pretty normal. We’re used to hearing Erykah things more on the lines of this…

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    I cant wait

  • elle

    me either..

    count down has started for me.

    and I reccomend everyone see this woman perform.

    truly gifted chick.

  • Bird

    Unless the magazine article I read that quoted him was wrong, Andre said Keisha (Omar Epp’s wife) was the only woman he ever loved. He made that statement long after him and Erykah broke up. So apparently she was in love, but he wasn’t. I thought it was very crappy to make that unncessary statement considering he has a child with Erykah.

  • http://Lycos Monotheistic Proof

    Erica is back! and she looks good. Fantastic Artist…. But keep it real I think common was bringing the maturity to the relationship.

    She had a couple of side orders the whole time and a baby. I wonder who’s mind she will blow next.

    Please let it be me, I want to feel the humiliation that comes with getting pimped out my mind and turned out Badu style. She doesn’t date she creates followers.

    It’s for the best because it will eventually lead to an expansion of my creative energy.

  • Momo

    @ Bird…Damn, I hope he didn’t say that!

    I’m loving Erykah, and the new video. I will need to run out and get this mag.

  • Baby Please

    Love Badu.

    @ Elle

    Yup; erbody she see her perform live. FANTASTIC show.

  • Golden Shoes

    that Honey song and Erykah both get on my nerves but then so does most of what I hear on the R&B stations.

  • 1st OF ALL...


  • Lele

    Erykah Badu is damn weird but I love her though she’s different so I gotta respect that. I remember when she first came out with that on and on song. Man I was bumping that everyday all day. That album was the truth I can still bump it right till this day.

  • tj

    How did Common go from Erykah to Serena. That’s just odd to me…

  • idontknow
  • Celebrity CSI

    Erykah Badu is the truth. Can’t wait until Feb 26th. As for her relationships with Andre & Common, things happen. We’ve all loved hard but…ended up with more than we expected. It’s called life. Again, can’t wait for Feb 26th!! AL-ready…

  • victory is mine

    It’s good to see good music and good artists making a comeback…

  • VictoriousOne...

    At least she is a real artist. It’s great to see someone other than Rihanna and Kim Kardashian on this site.

    …and we have the same b-day!






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