Accidental Death

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The cause of Pimp C’s death has now been revealed:

UGK rapper Pimp C’s death was the result of an overdose that was triggered by a large consumption of codeine medication combined with a pre-existing sleep condition. According to the autopsy report, Pimp C had prescription promethazine/codeine in his system when he died. Initial reports at the time of his death suggested the rapper had over-the-counter codeine in his possession. Pimp C also suffered from sleep apnea, which causes blockage of the airways during sleep. He had prescription medication in him when he passed away, and the levels were elevated but not real high, so it wasn’t an overdose from [the codeine], but we think it was a result of taking the cough medication with his sleeping problems.




  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    First please. Thank You.

  • Miss Dee

    so sad.

  • Bankable P


  • Bird

    Another sizzurp death. God rest his soul.

  • nahnah

    And these drug companies (and the FDA) will never be held responsible for killing thousands of people yearly.

  • Soul Cry

    …so sad…so silly…


    biggest drug dealers in the world…

  • Chris

    OVER THE COUNTER CODEINE?! Which counter would sell this type of medication WITHOUT a doc’s note? Codeine is STILL a narcotic and requires a presciption… I am confused. I agree with nahnah regarding the FDA.

    Condolences to his family…

  • Mona

    I’ve never heard of people being addicted to codeine. I just find this crazy that’s the stuff I have to force down my throat when I’m sick…prescription drugs are fast becoming more dangerous that any street drug.

  • imrightdammit

    Co-sign with Chris. There’s no such thing as “over the counter” codeine. It’s a controlled substance. It even has street value and people use it like other drugs to get high. RIP.

  • Momo

    Sleep apnea is serious business. God rest his soul. I love me some UGK.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    So Sad! RIP!

  • KillaBeeSwarm (powered by Linux)

    Codeine is an opiate (naturally occurring opium) so there’s no way you can get it over-the-counter in the USA. Only by prescription. Sleep apnea is also some serious business. r.i.p.

  • da darkness

    A Giant had fallen last month. the world misses my sun. in college we’s be like free pimp c, we now know the kid is free. and by the way free T.I. Big up GIANTS Pelixco

  • bbrolic

    Come on this is ridiculous. One of the most popular drugs in Texas is cough syrup or sizzurp. But Pimp C is the only one in Texas who actually really needed it and his was just accidental! Please Journalists and publicists the reader is not that stupid. Pimp C bragged about his sizzurp use, but it was just accidental! Soon I guess we’ll be hearing about cancer patients bragging about their Chemotherapy!This is just stupid! Instead of lying, be like Magic Johnson and put it out there to create some type of awareness for stupid people like Lil Wayne who teach people how to make the sizzurp concoction on YouTube!

  • idontknow
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