There is No Bad Boy Curse. There’s Just Diddy.

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Diddy’s been known to end a few careers (Danity Kane, Loon, Mase, Carl Thomas, Dream, Da Band) and send others running to other labels (Lil’ Kim, Faith, Gucci Mane). So what’s the deal with Diddy? Why can’t he keep an artist on his label for more than one album? Pop the hood for more


  • Tammy

    Because he is an idiot.

  • LOON(memorial weekend was crazy)

    1st, and diddy is wack

  • thizzica a. fox

    right tammy. and all about himself.

  • Tammy

    Oh Damn an I first

  • John D. Hater


  • Combatcook 24

    Diddy has been that shiesty paper gangster for years… The only group to stand up to him was Jada and the Lox…. He played them too…

  • mamamia00

    I couldn’t even bring myself to read another article about him but still felt the need to mention that the sight of him makes me naseous.

  • Rp80

    That article is absolutely accurate.

  • always knew

    you forgot about Black Rob (like whoa), he was an artist for Diddy..

    He stole $400.00 from a doctor and went to jail behind it and he still thnks he’s on Bad Boy…

    Diddy is a contractor, his artists are subcontractors, they never last because he isn’t talented and neither are they..

  • Brianne

    This is supposed to be new news? I always knew it was Diddy’s fault that all the talented Bad Boy artists left!! It was pretty obvious!

  • KG

    I can’t believe Red Cafe signed a deal with him. Why? And his career had really taken off…

  • http://H_TOWN {{::SwEeT LuV::}}

    mY fAuLt fmE-fU…

  • Speaking the truth…™

    Well its about time this came out. But don’t get it twisted people Diddy to Jay Z all had their hands in ruining careers. Moguls do not become moguls because of lily white decisions and actions…best believe that.

  • Combatcook 24

    Jadakiss said it best on one of his mixtapes when he called out Puffy for not getting their paperwork straight.. ” Your bodyguards cant stop no refrigerator from coming off the roof/stainless steel with the double doors”… It was hilarious and Puffy responded to them immediately on Hot97….

  • JB Cougarlicious - In Luv wit a Male Stripper named....

    The people that still mess with Puffy, are just like the girls that mess with Desmond “21” Hatchett. They should know better

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