CiCi Hustles Her KFC Coupons

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We don’t know how real this is but if it is true CiCi is hurting bad for record sales. We already said Fantasy Ride wasn’t going to move but this takes things to a whole new level.


Can you imagine getting a copy of Fantasy Ride with a greasy @ss original recipe sandwich combo meal? Just sad. SMH



  • mzsweetface

    Talk about desperate. I wouldn’t have thought Ciara would have to resort to this.

  • mamamia00

    This can’t be real but it’s too funny and oh so sad at the same time.

  • Mandah! get you swine flu havin behind away from me!


  • Josh

    this aint real

  • LENA


  • alb

    this is fake. KFC doesn’t have to give out any incentives to get folks to buy chicken. Hell they damn near had a riot at their stores a couple of weeks ago.

  • JJBoston


  • JB Cougarlicious - In Luv wit a Male Stripper named....

    It already expired though. But that is funny!!!

  • Robert Kelly

    Actually it is brilliant marketing and clever. I predict more artists will be doing this (even if it isnt real) to sell albums. Albums at the most will do 500.000 units if really good! How many combo meals sell in any given year..Millions. A marriage of the two is brilliant

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Whatchu mean there ain’t no mo chicken?

  • NEXT_lalalove

    Is this forreal!!??

  • Beatriz

    i dont think this is real
    damn why hate on ciara

  • nae nae nae (:

    LOL! ahh ciara you tranny you make me laugh

  • Knottmyhair

    And the say her and bey have a lot in common….hell nah dey don’t!

  • Knottmyhair

    corection: and they say

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