Prince and The Time Are “Dirty”

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Janet Jackson reflects on a memory in a recent Parade interview:

“When I was 16, I was promoting my first album and I went with Mother to see The Time’s concert with Prince. I did not want to sit next to Mother because I knew they were dirty. I was trying to be cool and calm, but oh my God, I was sweating bullets! How am I going to sit at this show and watch Vanity Six and Prince and The Time and sit next to Mother? She’s going to think, ‘Good Lord, what is my baby into? She really needs more of God in her life! Where did I go wrong?’ I could just hear Mother blaming herself for everything! Luckily, I got someone else to swap seats with me so I was able to enjoy the show and have the same great time I would’ve had if I were there without Mother.”

“Mother” that just sounds creepy on some Mommy Dearest ish. Not my mother or my mom, but just “Mother”. No wonder those Jackson kids are all screwed up.


Click here to watch a young Janet throwback.



  • 504 in da door

    “I did not want to sit next to Mother because I knew they were dirty.”



  • Lyte Bright

    sounds like sum ish from that movie “psycho”. norman bates talked like that…..

    oh yeah….FIRST!!!!

  • bree

    sounds like Mother is Catherine’s first name..on a fashion tip, I LOOOOOOOOVE the blue jacket..

  • da darkness

    Nobody cares Janet fix your face. Have some kids go sit down

  • Yani

    That’s how they grow up in Hollyweird. The photos are HOT!! Janet wears the 40’s well.

  • BABY

    Janet, you are STILL hot…strange than a mo fu but HOT! ssssssssssssssss

  • mr mr

    all the Jackson kids say Mother…

    hey it’s how they grew up…

    the real question is what do they call Joe….?

    Probably called him anything to avoid those azz whoopings…

  • Bird

    I’ve always felt it was weird the way they refer to their parents as mother and Joseph. I think Michael just calls her Katherine. It’s all good though. Every family has their own way.

  • Deonte

    I love it! Janet was raised Jehovahs Witness so I’ll bet she couldn’t hoop and holla @ a concert next to her momma. The only thing crazy about the Jacksons is that Michael. Just because she calls her mother “Mother” doesn’t mean she’s sick or whatever you want to use as a conotation to the Jackson clan. You gotta give it to her though, she still looks great plastic surgery or not.

  • What the...?!

    Nevermind the Mother thing. People call their parents all kinds of things…it doesn’t necessarily indicate there’s a problem. On another note, she looks beautiful in those pictures. Youthful and fresh.

  • helltothanaw


    sounds like Mother is Catherine’s first name..on a fashion tip, I LOOOOOOOOVE the blue jacket..

    ^^^Girl, me too.

  • anglefan

    I notices she has a personal ad at (MillMatch dot com). Is she still looking or it is just a joke from her fans? Her photos look every hot and popular on that site. who knows the truth?


    yeah…that Mother thing is very “brady-ish” But she still my rolemodel in the body department so…Go Janet


    why janet always gotta wear dominatrix boots .. i was feelin that outfit til it got down to the shoes she should have thrown on some louboutins or she could have been bare feet because that trench alone is killin it. i love the pop it gives to the otherwise bland photos.

  • Lili

    Yea…those boots are her thing, but that jacket is to die for!

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