New Chris Brown and Rihanna Pictures Leaked…By Who???

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New photos have hit the net of Chris Brown and Rihanna during happy days. People are suggesting the Brown camp released these to try to fix his name and image.

Pop the top to see them all cuddled up and kissing on each other.

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  • Thickykins!LOL!

    too bad so sad!!

  • Thickykins!LOL!

    wait! when did cb get a lip ring?? & he sleeps wit his mouth open! u kno he drools!!! LOL!!

  • I am in my own world

    I think she is leaking out these pix just as a reminder to the future females in Chris’s life. It is just to remind them who was the first.

  • natasha B

    Awwww… they were cute together.

  • Hannibal


  • Mandy

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  • Ms.P

    They looked so happy

  • R. Kelly

    Anyone in here under the age of 15 wanna play hide-and-go-get-it?

  • http://bossip Tiny

    aww they were toooooooooooooooooo cute

  • http://bossip Tiny

    @ R.kelly lol

  • R. Kelly

    Anyone know Keke Palmer or Miley Cyrus’ phone number?

  • lawgirl


  • R. Kelly

    Damn Jasmine, lawgirl just bodied you!

  • sasha

    I think she did! She is something else and boy when her life comes back on her she is not going to know what to do! She played a game and it didnt work out the way she thought it would. Go on RIRI and leave Chris alone, you already messed up alot of things in his life and yes he is to blame as well, he should have walked or should I say ran away from her as far as he could. He fell right into the trap !! She knew he would!

  • that one person

    beauty and THE MONSTER!

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