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soulja schlong

Here is Soulja Boy posing on a bed holding onto something under his shirt.

Fill in the Blank: Soulja Boy looks like he is packing ________________.


  • O COME ON!

    1st or 2nd….. how fake

  • O COME ON!

    looks like he is packing a bottle of hair spray under his shirt

  • Kel

    what the??!! SMH…. I have no words…….

  • Mrs T in DC

    a glock nine millimeter gun

  • teebee

    he can definitely get it if that piece of machinery is attached to him. and what does smh mean?

  • Brie

    He looks like he is packin’ a dream and no dollars- poor little bored sole…

  • Sherry

    Reply to teebee—

    SMH means- Shaking my head

  • xquizzit

    he looks like hes packin a remote control under his shirt and da couple of stacks he got from “crank dat” which was a song released in the winter of `07 on his sad ass myspace. smh poor thing

  • lol

    and the circus continues.

  • Killmatic

    …mad rhymes yo!

  • Lili

    LOL what an embarrassment this boy is. I doubt he’s got it like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat…

  • Ms. 305

    I just want to know where are his parents?

  • gyrl

    i dont really like this kid…or his ‘music’

  • Jahpson


    the ugly ones always pack the big guns..

  • arasiam


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