Fantasia’s New Hair

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Fantasia was spotted at the Grammy Style Studio with her boo Young Dro and a fresh new hair cut. We don’t know if we’re feelin the faded white blonde ish on one side of the head look, but at least she didn’t dye all of it that color.



  • Hot Mess!!!!!

    First….and WTF????


    do stylists really cost all that much????

    maybe someone can donate their time and help her out.

  • Mami

    An ultra hot mess

  • Jahpson

    OH GOD!!

    she looks like that comedian Lunell.

    Fantasia is one of the ugliest woman with a funny shape that I have ever laid eyes on. yuck!!

  • Milio

    She looks a mess.

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    Good Morninng All:

    Firstly, P U!!! She looks like somebody’s 34 year old grandmother. You know the ones, who had children at like 11, and now her daughter is 21 and they go to the club together, yeah, one of them.

    She looks like she got a damn skunk,sitting on top of her head!! lol

  • fabulosity


  • joka

    The hair is crazy but I don’t think there is anything wrong w/ her face. She has beautiful black features. I love her lips and nose. At least she ain’t fake.

  • kiki

    ok she’s not fake but she’s not a pretty girl at all, and the Hair is very not flattering…EWW

  • Dick Chestnut

    This hair style looks amazing on her. It takes a naturally pretty and classy woman to pull this off and Fantasia does just that. I also love the diameter of her mouth. Its so wide and takes up so much of her face. I also love the fact that she chose to get tattoos that a noticeable, yet wont be regrettable when she turns 60. Like her name, Fantasia exudes a certain level of class that’s rarely seen in a woman these days. If there was ever any doubt as to if America got it right when those chose her as their Idol, it was erased with this hair style. Get ’em ‘Tasia!

  • maaly


  • Kerry

    NO MA’AM!!!


    Why would she choose something to make her look uglier? She looks like a drop-lipped skunk! She isn’t the cutest person, but to mess herself up even more was incredibly stupid!!!!


    she is a pretty girl but i don’t like the hair…

  • Get it right...

    …da hell was she thinking!?!?!?!

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