Kelis Gets Her Tweet On: “Coward Husbands and Less Than Impressive Sluts Unite”

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Kelis is lettin’ all of her Twitter followers know that she has no patience for cheaters, male or female. Sounds like she has some first hand experience with the subject matter. Pop the hood for Kelis’ tweets


Damn Nas, your business is on blast. No use in denying it now that the world knows you stepped out on your knocked up wifey. Let’s see how Nas’ camp will try to spin this.


  • luv 2 shop

    I have no patience for her outfit! LOL……

  • Mandy

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  • iolastar

    Can yall find a more flattering picture of her please?

  • Nique

    23 AND UNDER?? Is she serious? Trifilin females come in all ages, sizes and races-she better ask somebody!

  • InnocentCorruption203

    LOL, I thought I was the only one who said “not I said the cat” I knew I liked her for a reason. Who cheated first the chicken or the egg? Remember when they were blind folidng each other…..

  • BE

    I just lost some respect for Kelis, her marriage is her business not be put on blast on tweeter!

  • Ms_NYC


  • Cutie

    @ kahmmillion

    ME TOO…I also hate when people conjugate sentences with the wrong versions “their” and “they’re” and “there”…but then (LOL) again, silly them.

  • kahmmillion

    I don’t get why ppl always use “then” instead of “than” when you know that “than is what should be used in the sentence. I mean take an English class whoever wrote this. Uggh!

  • JB -Working it out for her Stripper and her PT

    Morning BE!!!

    Did she intentionally misspell patience?

    Kelis before you go blast girls for being stupid….

  • NIK

    Oh it happens to the best of us sista. Stand up, dust yourself off, no more bitter twitter, and do you! :)

    We as women are stronger than we’ll ever know….

  • Cutie

    @ kahmmillion

    Weird but why are the comments out of order :-(

  • Jade Silver

    Men cheat because there’s women who will cheat with them.

  • JB -Working it out for her Stripper and her PT

    @ Kahmmillion

    Do you have a red pen for her errors because she sure does need one.

  • BE

    Good morning JB!!

    Kelis needs to concentrate on having a successful birth and not this foolishness…what does it prove?

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