30’s The New 20 Swag

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Jay-Z and Akon got their old man swag on at the Grammy’s this year. Damn, Akon should’ve added a splash of color to his ensemble.

More images of the event:



  • FckedUp Patrol

    I hope that comment about Akon needing to add color to his outfit was not a thinly veiled crack about his skin tone.

  • Corree

    For a second, I didn’t even see anyone standing next to Jay. smh. lol

  • PghSteelerFan

    LOL @ Akon and a splach of color

  • PghSteelerFan


  • Strong Black Man

    “who’s that blue guy standing next to Jay-Z”

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar.php?gravatar_id=ba856385fb8fdd77f11f7d026f48936c MissMyeisha

    Everyone looks great!!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/ Andrea_Teria

    tut tut trying to say akon blends in with his suit?..

  • V

    The category is Best Rap Callabo NOT Best Rap ON a Callabo.

    LOL, when will ghetto negroes learn to read?

  • ILuvYellaBoyZ

    Is Strong Black Man really commenting on Akon’s skin tone, hmmm….

  • KnowYourABCs




  • Lizzzard

    i think akons splash of color is his teeth

  • Vanessa

    damn, my hubby Chris, looked so fine!! even tho i did read somewhere they said he looked like a nike shoe!!! haha….i cant take jokes, i’ll still love him to death!!!

  • Vanessa

    i meant to say, i CAN take jokes, lol

  • big_watcher

    I hate u niggers ^^^^^^^^^, but I love Akon – big up

  • z

    rihanna should have worn that dress on the red carpet. it is AMAZING!!

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