Kobe and Cray Cray’s Ex-Maid: “It’s Going Down Yall”

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Kobe and Vanessa vs Maid Maria Jimenez

Kobe Bryant may be running things on the court during the NBA Finals against the Orlando Magic but off the court, he’s about to have his balls handed to him by his 5 foot tall ex-maid, Maria Jimenez. Even though Kobe and Cray Cray are trying to stop her from speaking about their private lives, Ms. Jimenez is ready to start droppin’ dimes on the Bryants:

Kobe Bryant’s maid wants to make one thing clear: It’s her lawsuit and she can talk about the details if she wants to.

Maria Jimenez just filed papers in Orange County Superior Court, citing California’s anti-SLAPP statute which says Maria has the right to run her mouth, despite a confidentiality agreement she signed with the Bryants back when she first took the job.

The Bryants filed papers last month saying the opposite — that Maria could sue but couldn’t blab to the press.

Maria is suing the Bryants because she claims Kobe’s wife was abusive — including a nasty incident involving dog poop.

Go Maria. Don’t let Kobe and his scary @ss vampire-looking wifey stop you from telling the truth. Just be sure that you enroll yourself in the Witness Protection Program as soon as you do.



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