Some Morning Handsome

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Common’s obviously been hittin’ the gym real hard since he showed up at last night’s game holdin’ two very large guns. We know Serena’s muscular @ss must be workin’ the hell out of him. We’re not mad at all. Pop the hood for more muscly goodness



  • Mock Rock Star

    Nice smile Common

  • atrist no.1

    legs 2 short no ass…sxy…ehhh not so much

  • Plastic007

    mmmmm he’s taller than me lawd have mercy mmmmm

  • Dorothy

    @Mock Rock Star

    I like Common, he does have a nice smile.

  • AKEYSfan1981

    Damn I love this man! How did Erykah Badu let that get away?!

  • J

    fineeeeeee piece of man

  • honesty4u

    Thank the Lord and his parents….. So fine

  • elle

    Common is the only rapper I can look at without cringing

  • Miss_NC

    Common is the only rapper I can look at without cringing


  • Miss_NC

    @atrist- I think it may be the way those jeans are tucked into his sneakers!

  • 2dimplzs

    The things I would do to that man……and the things I’d love for him to do to ME!!!! WHOOOO-WEEE!!!!! JUST KIDDING…..kinda!

    Seriously, he’s one fine specimen of a man. Just GORGEOUS!

  • jim

    he wanna escape from love? no, so Do not miss the love in your lifetime, go ___ClassyMingle.com____ to find your ture love.

  • Christmas Jones

    Common, why are you so fervently and desperately trying to steal my heart?

    He ain’t a freemason y’all, is he??? I mean, i’m just wondering.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Fine as hell!!!!
    Definately doing Chicago Proud!!

  • kimber

    Good picture. Teach him selena.

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