Wasn’t Nat Just On Rocks????

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Natalie Cole doesn’t believe that baseheads like Amy Winehouse should be rewarded:

“I don’t think she should have won. I think it sends a bad message to our young people who are trying to get into this business, the ones who are trying to do it right and really trying to keep themselves together. We have to stop rewarding bad behavior. I’m sorry. I think the girl is talented, gifted, but it’s not right for her to be able to have her cake and eat it too. She needs to get herself together. I mean, she could die. This is about discipline and hard work, and you don’t get to just do your drugs and go onstage and get rewarded.”

Natalie is absolutely right, but if that was the case, then many musicians would be assed out. Amy Winehouse’s drug problem is extreme, but that has nothing to do with her music game.

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Read about Natalie’s drug addiction under the hood…

Natalie’s drug and alcohol use became heavy and eventually took a toll on her career. In 1982, Natalie entered a drug rehabilitation clinic and stayed for 30 days. However, she was soon after abusing drugs and alcohol again. She became incapable of handling her own affairs and her mother was named conservator of her estate. Natalie also had an operation to remove throat polyps. Later in 1983, Natalie entered a drug-treatment center in Minnesota. Among other things, she learned to admit that she had a problem and that she needed help. She finally won her fight against the addiction. The program was strict and Natalie did not leave the hospital until May 16, 1984.

Hmmm. Maybe natalie should offer Amy a little advice, since she seems to have gone through troubled times as well.



  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Amy’s talented a talent, but Natalie speaks the truth . . .somewhat.

    On the other side of the fence, Natalie was not clean when she won best new artist in 1975.

    She has spoken openly about her past drug problems.

    Thank Got she got help, that is what Amy needs.

    So while Amy is not sending the best message image wise, I don’t think that should stop her from being rewarded for her raw talent.

    She just needs help before she kills herself.

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Sorry for the typo’s LOL – it’s 5:30 am here.

    Going back to sleep :)

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Oh yeah . . . FIRST!


    (my first time doing that :)

  • Cher

    I feel the same way. People always talk about how Jesse Jackson can stay in the mix. Let’s talk about how drug addicts can get rewarded and stay on the news. Wake up people! It’s time to do better.

  • I'm Just Me

    I think that Natalie is somewhat right? I mean honestly all these people are on drugs. There are politicans on drugs and get to keep their jobs. I mean I don’t we should just target the famous people. Get into the communities and get these drug dealers out! But it seems as that will never happen anyway and sad to say the if the government could tax that ish, it wouldn’t even be illegal.

    You also need to go after the real thing that is overly abused in or out of the spot light. ALCOHOL!!! Amy is and extremem case, but you always here of someone drunk driving or drinking until they pass out and a whole bunch of other things.

    I am glad Natalie got help and instead of insulting the woman why doesn’t she go out and try to help and encourage her and everyone else to follow her lead. She is speaking on it, so let’s see her be about it.

  • darkaqua_30

    Natalie Cole was on drugs for MANY MANY MANY years, but that didn’t take away from her God given talent. She was in the same position Amy is in now. I looked at Amy perform and anyone can tell she getting better. And YOU could tell she really was in shock for winning…like SHE finally believes she talented. Natalie Cole can’t judge anyone..that’s GOD’s job! She was awarded for her GOD GIVEN TALENT, SHE WAS AWARDED BECAUSE THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF 07!!! She just needs to PRAY for AMY recovery..JUST LIKE SOMEONE PRAYED FOR HER!!!!

  • V

    At the end of the day…Amy can sing her ass off. She can rip high, w/a crackpipe in her hand – matter of fact in her mouth.

    Sad, but true – the chick can sing. I wonder why she’s so touchy about that?

    Amy is obviously a crackhead, but if you couldn’t tell she was like half the industry people running around holding it together what would people have to say then?

    A good bit of people who have OD’d were addicts functioning better than Amy.

    If she was going to talk about one person – she needs to talk about everyone.

    *I just know when I retire I’m not going to take my time & go to office parties talkin ish…lol.

  • Lucy (the other one)

    Because (@Cher) its a reward for their talent not morals. Most great talents (music and otherwise) have had some problem or another (Miles Davis, Billy Holiday the list goes on.

  • Nikkibx26

    Wow the pot calling the kettle black,

  • Treesha

    I was thinking the absolute same thing. People constantly bash artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Brandy etc and call them bad role models but then the same people are there praising Amy Whinehouse for being a drug addict. Her song Rehab is not sending the best message as well. She is basically saying that it is ok to be hooked on drugs. And also she is on stag performing shouting out to her drug addict husband who is in jail. If that does not scream bad role model then I don’t know what does.

    The gammies are basically giving her collateral to continue her drug habit. Also I think she should at least start taking care of herself not only on the inside but also on the outside.

  • bajan

    @harlem chick,

    rihanna deserved every nomination cause umbrella was a worldwide humongous hit, rihrih was not nominated for vocals, she was nominated for her song in song of the year, record of the year, etc. so i think u need to lay off the haterade and accept the fact that amy winehouse upstaged BEYONCE on so many levels, 1) amy’s performance was the most anticipated for the night, not bey and tina. 2) amy a drug addict defeated beyonce’s biggest hit irreplaceable which has not received any awards except fuh BET award. btw, BEYONCE NEVER ONE A GRAMMY GENERAL FIELD LIKE SONG OF YEAR, RECORD OF YEAR, BEST NEW ARTIST, ALBUM OF YEAR. SO AMY JUST SQUASHED BEYONCE’S 10 YEAR CAREER IN ONE NITE. NOW AINT THAT A SHAME!

  • Mo'Ree

    wow we’re asking her opinion now??>>

  • bajan



  • hey girl

    dang im getting out of here yall geting to deep for me. i wanted to just roast amy for kicks and laughs. dang i have to go back to work tommorow can we just roast her for a while before the beyonce has no talent debate starts? please

  • Storm

    Natalie Cole needs to sit her ass down somewhere.

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