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obama ones

Here is a unique pair of Air Force Ones with Barack Obama and his sayings “Change” and “Yes We Can”. Real talk, these kicks are pretty fresh. Soon Barack will be flying high in the real Air Force One.

Click here to check out the artist’s Myspace page.

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  • chynaboo

    ^^ I would too Cage…he about five hours away from me…I think I want to have a couple of pairs done for myself. One pair of my son and one pair of Obama.

  • gap & gucci

    & this isn’t under “random ridiculousness”??

  • nahnah

    The Obama cult is out of control – I swear.

  • I'm Just Me


  • luvchild

    I checked out the Myspace page this person is very talented I esp. liked the brown (I think is was) crocodile shoes.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    I would rock them only if they were free or the price DRASTICALLY REDUCED. I don’t understand how buying these shoes (the air force one camp will get most of OUR money from the sale of the shoes) would be beneficial to the campaign. I could see a shirt cause that would only be a few dollars but $100+ pair of sneakers? Don’t think so. They should be encouraging us to spend our money (at least an amount like that) on something that would actually be worth it and could be greatly utilized. Is this another ploy for “the man” to make some more money off of us? what yall think?

  • my words

    MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!



    After all of these years and all we have been through together, we think it’s appropriate for us to show our gratitude for all you have done for us. We have chastised you, criticized you, punished you, and in some cases even apologized to you, but we have never formally nor publicly thanked you for your never-ending allegiance and support to our cause.

    This is our open letter of thanks. We will always be in your debt to you for your labor. You built this country and were responsible for the great wealth we still enjoy today. Upon your backs, laden with the stripes we sometimes had to apply for disciplinary reasons, you carried our nation.

    We thank you for your diligence and your tenacity. Even when we refused to allow you to even walk in our shadows, you followed close behind believing that someday we would accept you and treat you like men and women. We publicly acknowledged Black people for raising our children, attending to our sick, and preparing our meals while we were occupied with the trappings of the good life.

    Even during the time when we found pleasure in your women and enjoyment in seeing your men lynched, maimed and buried, some of you continued to watch over our belongings and us. We simply cannot thank you enough.

    Your bravery on the battlefield, despite being classified as three-fifths of a man, was and still is outstanding. We often watched in awe as you went about your prescribed chores and assignments, sometimes laboring in the hot sun for 12 hours, to assist in realizing our dreams of wealth and good fortune.

    Now that we control at least 90 percent of all of the resources and wealth of this nation, we have Black people to thank the most. We can only think of the sacrifices you and your families made to make it all possible.

    You were there when it all began, and you are still with us today, protecting us from those Black people who have the tremerity to speak out against our past transgressions. Thank you for continuing to bring 95 percent of what you earn to our businesses.

    Thanks for buying our Hilfigers, Karans, Nikes, and all the other brands you so adore. Your super-rich athletes, entertainers, intellectuals, and businesspersons (both legal and illegal) exchange most of their money for our cars, jewelry, homes, and clothing. What a windfall they have provided for us!

    The less fortunate among you spend all they have at our neighborhood stores, enabling us to open even more stores. Sure, they complain about us, but they never do anything to hurt us economically. Allow us to thank you for not bogging yourself down with the business of ding business with your own people. WE can take care of that for you.

    You just keep doing business with us. It’s safer that way. Besides, everything you need, we make anyway, even Kente cloth. You just continue to dance, sing, and distrust and hate one another.

    Have yourself a good time, and this time we’ll take of you. It’s the least we can do, considering all you’ve done for us. Heck, you deserve it, Black people. For all your labor, which created our wealth, for your resisting the messages of trouble making Blacks like Washington, Delany, Garvey, Bethune, Tubman, and Truth, for fighting and dying on our battlefields, we thank you.

    And we really thank you for not reading about the many Black warriors that participated in the development of our great country. We thank you for keeping it hidden from younger generations. Thank you for not bringing such glorious deeds to our attention.

    For allowing us to move into your neighborhoods, we will forever be grateful to you. For your unceasing desire to be near us and for hardly ever following through on your threats due to our lack of reciprocity and equity – we thank you so much.

    We also appreciate your acquiescence to our political agendas, for abdicating your own economic self-sufficiency, and for working so diligently for the economic well-being of our people. You are real troopers.

    And, even though the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were written for you and many of your relatives died for the rights described therein, you did not resist when we changed those Black rights to civil rights and allowed virtually every other group to take advantage of them as well.

    Black people, you are something else! Your dependence upon us to do the right thing is beyond our imagination, irrespective of what we do to you and the many promises we have made and broken. But, this time we will make it right, we promise. Trust us.

    Tell you what. You don’t need your own hotels. You can continue to stay in ours. You have no need for supermarkets when you can shop at ours 24 hours a day. Why should you even think about owning more banks? You have plenty now. And don’t waste your energies trying to break into manufacturing. You worked hard enough in our fields.

    Relax. Have a party. We’ll sell you everything you need. And when you die, we’ll even bury you at a discount. How’s that for gratitude?

    Finally, the best part. You went beyond the pale and turned over your children to us for their education. With what we have taught them, it’s likely they will continue in a mode similar to the one you have followed for the past 45 years (since school desegregation).

    When Mr. Lynch walked on the banks of the James River in 1712 and said he would make us a slave for 300 years, little did he realize the truth of his prediction. Just 13 more years and his promise will come to fruition. But with two generations of your children having gone through our education system, we can look forward to at least another 50 years of prosperity.

    Things could not be better – it’s all because of you. For all you have done, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Black-Americans. You’re the best friends any group of people could ever have!


    All other Americans

  • E$

    “So Presidental!” – my new slang

  • my words

    And I would get a pair ONLY if some of the proceeds go to the campaign…Obama shoes are some great shoes to be walking in… but I agree.. where is this money going?? probably to the Clintons!!!

  • Brightchick

    Real talk…I think NOT!

  • NotoriousOne

    @ SOUTHERN BELLE 225 & my words…

    I feel you on your questions of where the money would go but I think these would serve more so as free advertising. Younger, voting age, kids that are NOT paying attention to the commercials or the webposts on Obama might be intrigued to find out what the fuzz is all about and actually be encouraged to vote.

    Also, I INVEST in Nike stocks (for self and for my 2 year old son) so I only wear and buy Nikes. It’s high time we started investing in what we buy so we don’t feel we just giving back to “the man”

  • http://www.myspace.com/mallymaal maaly


  • http://www.yahoo.com Southern Belle 225

    @notorius one..I get where you are coming from and you have a great point. I’m not against the shoes I just think that that could be money well spent on something else. that’s all. On the other hand, it would be a good tool to get the young minds thinking and voting. But considering the fact that most black folks don’t have stock in these companies, I feel like they shouldn’t get our hard earned money. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to a black owned shoe company getting in on this. I would definately get on board then.

  • http://FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com FreshFromTheStreetz.blogspot.com

    Forget all that other crap those shoes are FRESH! One thing I would change is the laces to white. Other than that everything else is irrelevant.

  • Nita

    love them or hate them, those kicks are gonna be worth a lot of money in 100 years.

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