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Ricky Ross was recently interviewed by Blender magazine and he discusses an experience he has on Dublin, Ireland “The Sex Capital of the World”.

He talks about how he turns down some funky Irish poo. SMH at the girl having her “Fu*k music” ready on her Myspace page. Pure comedy.

Watch the video under the hood…


  • mr.anderson


  • mr.anderson


  • mr.anderson


  • So_Surrus

    ok whats the point to this one??

  • TREY

    That’s my dog..Ricky Ross

  • Harlem Chic



    LMAO!! that n!gga know he beat

  • victory is mine

    He makes my eyes bleed………………………..

  • So_Surrus

    LOL…Yea he hit it, bloody poo and all

  • Dayum

    Doesn’t he look like a fat Isaac Hayes?

  • Holdin' My Own


    LMAO @ Harlem Chic! Even though you know damn well he ain’t seen the inside of a Subway!

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Who? who…wants to see, wants to know..who sent for rick ross’s sexual romping tales? WHO I SAY? lol

  • da darkness

    ross is the boss @ross keep coming wit the hits boi, we more of you and t-pain.

  • Wondering

    He’s gross. I can’t believe there are realy women somewhere that wanna hit that.

  • So_Surrus

    shoo, real talk ill hit it…rickie ross got dough and i love his music

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