Bow Weezy:”I Hold Breezy Down, All the Way”

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Chris Brown and Bow Wow

Bow Wow sure seems to be makin’ lots of interesting statements lately. First he’s tweetin’ about Kim K. and CiCi and now he’s reppin’ his boy Breezy regarding the RiRi drama. Don’t know if there’s a new movie on the horizon or what but he sure does seem to be poppin’ up quite a bit these days.

“We were just having fun down in Orlando playing basketball at Shaq’s hourse,” Bow Wow explained. “Chris is my best friend, that’s my little dude. I hold him down. I think the media, when they took hold of it being that was the first time they just seen him and made a whirl wind…The business is business, [his case] don’t faze me. Friendships and best friends means more to me. So if he want me to be there for him, I’ll be there. I don’t really know [Rihanna]. She’s a sweet heart and with the utmost respect, but like I said, if my man wants me there for him, I’ll be there for him.”

We love the solidarity and support Bow Wow. SMH. So if you’re ever charged for beating the ish out of a chick, you know Breezy’s got your back, right?



  • Breezy's Stan


  • Ms. Go4Broke

    first of all why do shaq big dumbass has lil boys playin at his house?

  • Da Brooklyn Bandit

    yea aight

  • Nigga Said

    @Ms.Go4Broke: Shaq is the new Michael Jackson. He invites boys over for a game of basketball and then they all sleep in his huge Superman bed. He lives by the MJ motto, “There’s nothing wrong with sharing your bed. Its the sweetest thing you can do”. Rumor has it that Shaq dangled Bow Wow over a balcony “Blanket” style.

  • Wanjiru

    …well, consider the source!…

  • http://yahoo SimplyDivine

    Bow wow has always been a lame who just wants to fit in and be in the spotlight! Just bcuz he is not the ish anymore since his childhood rapping days! Maybe thats y the only females that want him r money hungry boppers….a real woman would NEVER date his lame skinny ass!! no matter how many tattoos and wannabe mixtapes, u r still a nobody in the music business!!! LMAO

  • Dani

    Wait…. Did he just call Chris his little dude!

  • Baller

    Oh sorry I did not mean our Dad, Chris I mean your Dad, I wish Chris and I were related. I do hope he get his anger issues addressed so he can shine again. Usher said Micheal Jackson was passing the torch, I hate to be the one to tell Usher, If anything MJ need to give that torch to Chris Brown, And i don’t like men hitting on women. Like I don’t like Kobe Bryant, but Chris is talented and Kobe can ball, Bow Wow, Your time has come and gone, I hope you are saving what little money you have left. Don’t look to Chris to try and get some of his fans and your fans that left you and went to Chris.

  • Honey Model --- ("Pretty Wings" by Maxwell is my song!)

    Bow Wow, no one is interested on your take of the situation nor your friendships. And please stop making statements for attention.

    We thank you in advance.

  • Baller

    @ Judy if you have an audience you will say nothing bad too. And please BEST FRIENDS, That’s like saying Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy are bet friends. Bow needs to let the justice system do their part and go sit down somewhere, He aint Chris best freind.

  • white male

    Bow wow calling someone else little is kinda funny

  • T Goode

    I wish u guys would gv Chris a break. He made a mistake (mayb, we don’t know the whole story). Wat do you want him 2 do??? Nvr show his face again. He’s tryin to move forward with his life. Pls let the young, talented man do that!!!

  • Yasmine

    “first of all why do shaq big dumbass has lil boys playin at his house?”


  • the insider

    For a second I was getting mad coz it seemed like the media just wanted Chris in some deep dark whole while Rihanna was living it up and getting her “Vogue” on.

    I think the truth is starting to rear it’s ugly head in hollywierd and all these people that are sticking by Chris are confident in doing that because they now know what happened. And you have to applaud those artists for being real and not all self conscious about their public images.

    I love them both and i really wish everyone would let this whole thing REST ALREADY!

  • This Long Distance Is Killing Me♫

    RHI RHI IS NOT A SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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