Usher and Tameka Foster Divorce is the Real Deal

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Despite the spin job that went out yesterday stating that Usher and Tameka were not splitting up, the truth is, the two are heading for divorce and fast. Pop the lid for all of the details

Usher may have raced to his wife Tameka’s side when she apparently suffered cardiac arrest in February in Brazil, but according to sources, that was a brief reunion in an otherwise troubled marriage.

In fact, Usher is expected to file for divorce early next week, according to an insider.

But a source who knows Tameka Foster Raymond says the stylist is still referring to Usher as “my husband” and isn’t about to call it quits. “She’s been in his life for so long. She’s very loyal to him,” says the source who knows her. “Tameka is the type of woman to stick it out.”

Separate Lives
The R&B star, 30, and his wife of nearly two years, 38, have been leading separate lives for months, say sources. “A lot of that is because Usher has been in Vegas recording his new record,” explains one source. “He’s done his best to keep Tameka away.”

Even while he’s home in Atlanta, a source who knows the couple – who have two sons, Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd, 6 months – says the pair often fought.

“Usher has not been staying at home with her much lately,” says the source. “I rarely saw Usher around even before there were any children born.”

Troubled Romance
The marriage was filled with drama from the start. The couple canceled their July 2007 wedding on the morning of the big day. At the time, sources blamed their differing ideas for the event, as well as family matters: Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, did not approve of Foster Raymond (who was pregnant at the time), said a source.

A week later, they tied the knot in the Atlanta office of Usher’s lawyer, then exchanged vows again during a lavish celebration on September 1. Patton reportedly was not among the 200 guests.

This past February, just two months after Naviyd’s birth, Foster Raymond nearly died while undergoing liposuction.

Living Single
Despite the couple’s brief reunion, Usher apparently has been acting like a bachelor lately. He has been linked to Island Def Jam staffer Grace Miguel, who works with his protégé Justin Bieber, and recently partied with a group of women during a trip to Miami.

“It was a boy’s night out but there were girls,” says a local source. “He was in such a good mood!”

Meanwhile, Tameka is focusing on keeping her family happy. “She clearly loves her kids,” says the source who knows her. “She’s going to stay positive.”

Usher’s reps had no comment.

When your man stops answering your calls, moves out the house and parties with b*tches in Miami, that’s usually a sign that your marriage is over.



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  • free

    another one bites the dust.

  • LLibra22

    Wow, I cant believe this!

  • MySoulIsFull

    I was rooting for their marraige to last. Why get married period if you are going to disregard your vows and divorce….for better or “worse”, till “death” do us part.

  • Menominee Nation

    im sure she is a very nice person so i dont mean all that, but c’mon…hes BEEN way too good for her forevah! ursh is too much of a playboy to get locked down by her forever.

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  • Funny!

    That’s too bad. Black people are bad examples for marriage they don’t know how to stick it out anymore to concerned with the ways of the world instead of being concerned with what is really important. This is sad and sickning that blacks can’t get it together. No wonder blacks have the highest rate of AIDS.

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    Somebody getting paid.

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    child support?

  • me (the original)®

    I kind of feel bad for her. She had someone on Twitter mocking the end of her marriage and calling her a burnt cigarette, etc. Stuff like that has to sting.

    But then again, if the rumors about her living foul prior to all of this is true, it’s like Biz Markie said…”What goes around, comes around, what goes around comes around..y’know what I’m talking about!”

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    I think its safe to stick a knife in ‘ol girl – looks to me like she’s done!

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    He really should have listened to his mother. She saw doom all along.

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    My badd…I think the phrase is “a fork”…

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    Did ya’ll hear Usher’s mother was at church dancing down the isle, saying thank you jesus!

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