Fill in The Blank: The New Danity Kane

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Here is the “talented” Danity Kane’s new album cover.

Fill in The Blank: One thing you have to say about Danity Kane and Cassie is they __________.


  • femalepharoe

    First!!! eheheh.

    dk = yuck

  • Cage

    Who the hell are these chicks? Neva heard of em…

  • I'm Just Me


  • Kimy

    f*ck 4 tracks

  • Kimy

    have no talent

  • Kimy

    lack personality

  • boasy

    dawns face looks crooked and aubrey looks like a blow up doll. Shanon always looks awkward

  • Cage

    Oh, no wonder I never heard of ’em… Free Shyne-Po.

  • Flygirl

    I think D woods and Dawn should form their own group.. The cover looks a mess

  • Real Talk

    i have to step in here, DK grew on me with their new single damaged. Cassie shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breathe as DK. The problem is that sorry as label they are on. They have talent. I am with fly girl although I like all the girls…D WOODS and Dawn should form their own group…if things don’t work out with DK.

  • it's Me!!!!!

    who are the 2 new blond’s????

  • Bay Area

    Those two blond head chicks don’t even look like the girls from the originl group. What’s really good????

  • Adeana

    they photograph well…..

  • Yes I Said it and I Meant it Too

    Those wigs on Aubrey and Shannon’s head look atrocious!

  • Mami

    The two blonds look so much alike it is scary..I guess they are trying to sell their sex so people will buy the album

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