Terry Kennedy: “Bow Wow is a Coward Who Begged for My Forgiveness”

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clipse TK

Bossip had a chance to see the Clipse, B.O.B., Pacific Division, and Fly Society Perform Saturday night at the Nokia Club in L.A:

“Bow Wow was telling Angela to break up with me, saying something about me being some soft skater dude. So, when he found out about what I’m about, I got a call from him out of the blue explaining himself and asking for forgiveness. Basically, he is a coward.”

“Hip-Hop is not dead. Maybe for his fans it is though. His fans have grown up, so they are no longer 13 and 14 years old. His music has not matured with his audience, basically. Hip-Hop might be dead to him because of a lack of Teenie Boppers!”

We chopped it up with Quddus; from TV Access One, Clipse; about their clothing line and TK; talking real bad about Boweezy. Bow Wow had tried to call out TK back in the day, but when he found out about his “activity” he quickly turned tail by retracting his words and offering up a humble, peon-like apology. Some real weenie stuff.

We are not big fans of Boweeezy, but come on TK. Give the lil dude a break now, Angela is not stunting both of y’all any more…


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