Lala Vasquez Creates a Buzz with New Cut…Are Spread Eagle Pictures Next?

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Last night Lala decided to pull a Cassie and shave it off, her hair that is. The trend looks like a lame attempt to prove broads got natural hair. Step ya game up, Attention Whores. Oh, we are not talking about you though Lala.

In response to Lala’s new do, Cassie called Lala’s  hair “Hood” and referred to her own as “Liverpool Punk”. LOL

Pop it and see the cut and to place your bid on Lala’s Hot Pink Range Rover


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  • Black09

    Ummmmmm For What!!!!!!!!!!

  • bacchus

    I guess…it’ll get old real soon

  • OneStep

    She already is average looking to me and now she does something stupid like that. I guess she is desperate for atention.

  • LeahLeah

    Oh lawd,ladies PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not shave your heads. NO Vanilla Ice side burns PLEASE. Not cute. I repeat it IS NOT CUTE.

  • Angee

    This is the worst trend ever!!

  • destiny


  • destiny


  • destiny

    gold, silver & bronze
    im a star

  • Nigga Said

    @Ladystar: What the chubby chaser is going on in your gravatar?

  • Be Original

    CORNY…And it doesn’t help that she looks like Solange in this picture.

  • and okay....

    These chicks are a joke “monkey see monkey do.” Plus they are late on this trend Kelis did this how long ago.Salt N Pepper did it back in the day to. Oh I guess it is their Cut to Fame. What happened to writing books, or going to school? No seriously is this the only way to get rich?

  • uptowngirl

    why is she even “famous” again? just trying to stay relevant. please stop.

  • Mssmartiepants2u

    She’s got a jacked up hairline as it is and all this does is make her look like a chemo patient. Maybe she got mad knowing she’s never gonna marry him and shaved it off in anger.

  • bobbizzie

    not a good look—–

  • bo

    check out
    where they hate on players and teams

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