Lil’ Weezy’s Got Lauren London Hot with Nivea News

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lilwayne nivea and lauren

Learning that your baby daddy’s got another chick pregnant on the internet is not a good look. Lauren’s starting to see what she’s gotten herself into with Lil’ “No Condoms” Wayne and its a lesson learned a little too late

I was told yesterday Lauren London was at lost for words today after finding out that her baby daddy was expecting another child yesterday. Lauren who is almost 6 months pregnant didn’t know anything about Nivea pregnancy, and found out online and was outraged. Like every other star these days, she took to her Twitter page to express how she felt. But after speaking to a family friend left the topic alone.

She then decided to spend the day with her family and close friends. Lauren told her friends that she is worried if her career is over as a result of these issues. As we all know Lauren is on the pinnacle of Black Hollywood as the face of Sean John and reoccurring role in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 on the CW. A reliable source stated that Wayne doesn’t want anything to do with Lauren.

Today Nivea called Ryan Cameron’s and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with a boy. In fact, both of them are pregnant with Wayne’s sons. This is a really bad situation, considering that she is knocked up and the baby daddy is in love with someone else.

Lauren London can have any man in the world but she chooses to get with an engaged man… Is the recession effecting men too!!!! This makes Wayne about 4 babies up and 4 baby mamas down. I guess it is true about Wayne ” He can f*&^k any girl in this world”.

Sidenote… I really like Lauren London, she is such a sweet and caring person. I hate to see this happen to her. I hope this is an eye opener and she’ll come back from this stronger than ever. P.S. Lauren hit me on twitter…

So they’re both having boys by a guy who doesn’t know how to be a man? Nice. SMH



  • tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country - Universal Healthcare!)

    What the hell did she expect?

  • bo
    where they hate on players and teams

  • zappy


  • tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country - Universal Healthcare!)

    I didn’t know that she even actually had a career.

  • Blondee

    Hope the baby looks like her.

  • T. Strong

    I am up to early !!!

  • queen27

    erm i actually feel sorry for her, but still really hw got how man babymommas he better keep making money to keep up on all the child support payments.

  • Kay

    I can live with
    3rd. But dayum
    I guess I was reading

  • Horn of Africana

    Should’ve kept your legs closed.

  • zappy

    Guess I Was Second.

    When will these women learn?

    If you want a good lesson, she should sit and talk to another Lauren, Lauren Hil. Having 5-6 kids with a man who is married and having 3-4 kids simultaneously (at the same time) with his wife. Hell, go talk to Kim Porter. Diddy’s sidepiece who swore Diddy was going to marry her after she had the twins.

    Not good, not good at all.

    I hate to say it, but these women think that by having a kid/being a baby mama secures them financially.

    All it does is expose them to STDs and makes them look stupid.

    Good luck to Lauren and Nivea. They will need it.

  • LeahLeah

    Duh,I can’t believe she expected something different. And he kisses men so ummm yeah. Moving right along>>>>>


    I liked (noticed past tense) Lauren London, since she played NU NU… now I’m like MEH.



  • LeahLeah

    And Nivea is a H0e. The chick has like 564646164 kids by all of these celebs and athletes. I hope they ALL get tested more than once. SMH @ these people not being more responsible

  • Angee


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