Shaq Eats His Words

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Shaq and Kobe

In honor of last night’s LA Lakers victory, we had to wonder what Shaq was thinking about Kobe’s huge win without him?

While the Shaq-less Los Angeles Lakers enjoy the sweet taste of victory — there’s a 7-foot trash-talkin’ ex-teammate who knows he’s got a big helpin’ of “Kobe Bryant’s ass” comin’ his way.

Check out the message Shaquille O’Neal just posted on his Twitter page … spelling errors and all:
Congratualtions kobe, u deserve it. You played great . Enjoy it my man enjoy it. And I know what yur sayin rt now “Shaq how my ass taste ”

Obviously, this stems from Shaq’s incredible rendition of “Kobe How My Ass Taste” — a freestyle rap he dropped when Kobe and the Lake Show lost in the NBA Finals last year.

For the record — that song ruled.

Once again, people gettin’ their Twitter on. Looks like Shaq had to eat his words…luckily that’s all he was eating.



  • The Main Event

    Kobe’s good. Still hate him though.

  • The Bear-

    Kobe did play great. Can’t take that away from him.

  • Angee

    Shaq has to eat some serious crow!

  • Nigga Said

    So are they saying whoever wins the championship. Kobe or Shaq, has to toss the other ones salad?

  • shamar from the m town

    shaq didnt eat his words he said kobe couldnt do it without him when he went last year so shaq was rt up until now but for the record shaq has one 4 titles as the focal point of his team meaning that dewayne wade wouldnt have his title without shaq and kobe wouldnt have is 1st 3 without shaq i think the rap just motivated kobe and maybe that what shaq was trying to do so when kobe wins aleast 2 more by himself then this hust chalks up as just a good year for kobe. congrats kobe

  • Be Original

    I could really care less. All I really want to say is SHAQ IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE A CAVALIER!!! Lebron will have help in the paint!!!! WHoo hoo!

  • bo

    check out
    where they hate on players and teams

  • LeahLeah

    Kobe is a major douche bag. It’s amazing how good things alway happen to bad people. You know rapists, cheaters,maid abusers, etc…..

  • LeahLeah


  • Be Original

    MVP, washed up? Come on now. This past season was strong for him. He still has it in him. I’ll give him another two seasons. My only concern is that Cleveland finally gets a championship. Kobe needed Shaq to become who he is now.

  • missunderstood

    Congrats Lakers! (so glad it’s OVER! lol…) Nah, but Shaq hated on Kobe – and has to eat his words now… tell me how THAT tastes, Shaq….

  • Jason

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  • Ummmmmm....

    **Trying not to say anything negative about that bastid Kobe (oops!), I will focus on the positive**

    Awwww….his little girls were too cute last night!!! And the oldest one looks just like her Dad.




  • sherockz1

    @ SHAMAR….

    IMO, Shaq wouldn’t have those 4 titles if it wasn’t for D. Wade’s & Kobe’s scoring abilities.

    Shaq is a BIG center and he does what he’s expected to do, but if you compare his abilities; scoring/rebounds, to Kareem,….Shaq’s more mouth than action.

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