Fighting to Overcome the Butt

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deelishisand her man

Deelishis and her new man cover the March ’08 issue of S2S magazine. SMH at the caption “Deelishis is loving life with her new man and fighting to overcome THE BUTT!”

Well apparently her ass ain’t fighting too hard when she’s featured in “prestigious” magazines looking like this:



  • polo


    She will never overcome the butt! why overcome it anyway lol

  • N3w0rl3@ns (WHITE, but ALSO very educated)


    yeah im sure her man loves to battle with that butt

  • Marsha

    shes funny, how is she fighting this again, and when did she decide upon this???? So im guessing there will be no more ass shots…Lmao

  • Marsha


    i dont think he cares….its not like he’s on the show for love anyways…he’s trying to stretch out his 15 mins too


    how could there be no more ass shots?? What other talents does she have??

  • kigali


    Dont feel bad for Flav. He is making his money and far more than they will ever earn. He is on the show from beginning to end but they get NEXT’d every episode. Where the hell is HOOPZ?

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Kigali

    What can i say? I’m that necessessary evil that everyone needs to stay morally centered.

  • Dr. Elle Rae

    she looks like she is about to write her “how deelishis got her grove back book”… and it is going to come with the sequel because home boy looks gay like terri mcMillian’s man…

  • Dr. Elle Rae

    first of all to get over the butt… your gonna need a couple ropes and people on the other side providing you support… but TO REALLY get over it, you need to stop puttin it out there for people to get with

  • Mona

    whateva that butt is her claim to fame.

  • kigali

    Dr. Elle Rae,

    If she wants to be the next McMillian she will need to be drunk most of the time, have a rubber neck, and be a fag hag.

    No, to sex tourism by middle aged alcoholic black women in Jamaica.

  • CJ

    Delishuss man DOES look like dude!

  • dayg715

    i like the second picture.

  • kigali


    Your other personalities (Big Jim and 6amHo) are eqaully compromised. Are you those guys btw? Like yours, their aversion to black women are similarlly palpable.

  • Heather -- THE GREAT!

    How in the hell did she decide between him and flavor flav? Decisions, decisions. I know that had to keep her up at night.

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