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Beyonce and Gabrielle Union hit up Jay-Z and LeBron James’ Two Kings Dinner last night in New Orleans. The ladies look lovely and it’s good to know your girl Bey tames that hair of hers from time to time.


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  • Marquis de Sade


  • E. Junior


  • Marquis de Sade

    Now that that’s out the way. They alright, but they ain’t Kim K. or Rita G.

  • lolo


  • Nation

    B’s shoes are so ugly!!!

  • kigali


    You agree with me. Wholeheartedly even. Hope that doesnt mean I’ve commited some grave sin.

  • The shining

    Gabby looks good (no surprises there. Both their outfits look good….but is it just me or does Bey look weird? Her face looks different????

  • Dr. Elle Rae

    Rocsi looks a HOT MESS… and Bey’s shoes are hot( CONTRARY TO WHAT NATION IS SAYIN)… don’t hate cuz you can’t afford them… or find anything in yo closet to match them

  • Dr. Elle Rae

    the mess that is B’s face looks weird b/c she is probably on daddy knowles no eat, no sleep diet for awards shows and the new movies she just got cast for… (Kinda like the Bay Boy video with Sean Paul and Dreamgirls)

  • enya

    just cause something might be expensive doesn’t make it hot moron, she looks tore up.

  • cool

    @ Marquis

    IDIOT, don’t go comparing them to other people, they are more beautiful than any of the two you mentioned….DUMB BLACK MEN!!!!THE EARTH NEEDS TO SWALLOW PEOPLE LIKE YOU and the REST of the “STUPID BLACK MEN” SOCIETY!!! IDIOTS!!!

  • Hillary Obama

    Damn is Gabrille Union at ALL the parties?? Is this her job?

  • charter club

    beyonce looks like she’s been visiting her plastic surgeon lately.


    I CANNOT stand Rocsi and Terrence J they are such get wits and so fake. At least Free and AJ had their own mind and were REAL!

  • WakTakTen

    LeBron James is one “old” looking 23 year old.He looks about 10 years older than his real age.Thats rare for Black people.

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