Chica Is Cray: Brazilian Woman Tries To Sell Virginity Again

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Brazilian Woman Tries To Sell Virginity Again

Mi gente, we reintroduce a true loca. According to Raw Story, the Brazilian chick who spurred international headlines last year after auctioning off her virginity for a cool $780,000 now wants to sell it again.

Wait, what?!!

According to 21-year-old Catarina Migliorini, the deal was never consummated, so now she’s trying to sell her coochie off to the highest bidder. She met the highest bidder from her original auction, a man only identified as Natsu:

“He was not a 53-year-old man as Justin (Sisely) claimed. He was a 21-year-old Japanese. I was surprised and no deal was struck between him and I.”

So, we’re assuming she wanted an older man to pop her cherry? We’re so confused. If you didn’t already know, Sisely is an Australian filmmaker whose documentary “Virgins Wanted” featured the Brazilian young woman.

According to Raw Story, Migliorini said she would shed the chisme on her failed auction result in a book she’s working on.

She also claims to Brazilian showbiz website Pure People that never got any action when she met Natsu:

“I am still a virgin in every sense of the word and no one can prove me wrong… I decided to open my own webpage to auction off my virginity and this time it will be for real. So those interested, men or women, can make their bids.”

Migliorini hopes to rake in at least $680,000 for her first lay… we think she’s cray.

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