Which One Would You Hit??

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Tyrese and Common hit up various All-Star events this weekend in New Orleans.

If you had the choice to hit one of these hairless fellows, Which One??

More All-Star pics under the hood…

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gabrielleunionallstar56ahmadrashadwifecorbin bleu122damonjones56


johnstarksallstarmichaeljordan454christucker ruygay kevindurant chrispaul


  • kandice


  • VaVaVoom


  • VaVaVoom

    Who cares

  • BermudianMami


  • Mocha


  • Mocha

    Is that Corbin Bleau mingling with kneegrows ?

  • Lola

    Looks alone, Tyrese..but common has the intelligence and swagger that makes me believe he can really put it down in the bedroom.

  • Jack Tripper

    ^^ You need a wash cloth??


  • ILuvYellaBoyZ

    No question on this one, Common. Luv that man!

  • Felisha

    Common…. you can tell he’s the type to take you on a ride mentally. The foreplay would be crazy and then some smooth lovemaking. Yep… Now Tyrese would be good if you wanna get yours and get pounded on though.

  • me

    I don’t usually comment on the which one do would u hit segments but dangit I just couldnt help this one…1. Could I have both? 2. Can I choose one and then switch up after?

  • http://blog.myspace.com/chelebelleslair Chele Belle

    COMMON!!!!! UnCommonly GOOOOD!!!

  • kigali

    Yall crazy.

    Thats an unflattering pic of Common. Its a hard one but I would have to say Common.

  • Pistol Pete


  • ILuvYellaBoyZ

    @ Kigali, even an “unflattering pic” of Common is still leaps and bounds better than Tyrese. Sorry that boy’s head looks like a damn milk dud!

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