Carmen Ortega On Racy Billboard & The Hustle (EXCLUSIVE)

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Carmen Ortega Exclusive Lossip Interview

Carmen Ortega is on the rise. The Ecuadorian/Dutch model/video vixen is the new face of 138 WATER, and the billboard ad featuring the stunner is definitely racy. The ad, situated on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, features a nude and sultry  Ortega with a cap on her derriere, with a bottle of the branded water in her hands. Though Ortega’s ad has a place now in an LA strip, it wasn’t the same for supermodel Heidi Klum, whose  infamous Project Runway ad was pulled earlier this summer for being “obscene” because nude models were featured. Ortega’s nude in hers – what’s the deal?

The Chicago-raised 20-something spoke to Lossip exclusively today about her racy new ad, upcoming projects, and what her family thinks about her career thus far. Check out our full exclusive with Ortega below.

First, congrats on your billboard ad! I can’t imagine how many people pass by your image on Sunset…

“Thank you! Oh my God, it’s crazy. Just talking about the years you work for that, you know? I’m grateful.”

How did you link up with 138 Water and get the opportunity to be featured in an ad like this?

“I’m actually friends with the guy who started it and I had been working on them for other projects. They came to me and said, ‘You know what, we’ve worked with a lot of models but we think that you would be perfect for this. We think that because of all the things in the past and your background, you would be good for our water company. I had no expectations and no clue, to be honest, how it would end up. It came out amazing.”

Tell me about the day of the billboard shoot.

“It’s so funny because they told me ‘We only have to days to shoot this,’ and I was like ‘Oh my goodness! Is this really happening this fast?’ I was shocked. The shoot was only about a two-hour shoot – really fast and really easy. They had it up a few days before the scheduled date.”

Read more of our exclusive with Ortega after the jump!

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