‘Sleeping With the Fishes’ Star Gina Rodriguez On Film, Stress, & ‘Devious Maids’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Gina Rodriguez Exclusive Lossip Interview

Gina Rodriguez is back in another indie gem. A few weeks after winning an ALMA award for her Sundance fave Filly Brown, the actress is now the lead in Nicole Gomez Fisher‘s dramedy [but mostly comedy] Sleeping With The Fishes. Rodriguez plays Alexis Fish, a 20-something-year-old Latina-Jew who juggles jobs as a meatball mascot for a food joint and a phone sex operator, meanwhile popping anti-depressants over the death of her philandering husband.

The film, which just premiered this past Friday at the Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF), also stars Devious Maids star Ana Ortiz as Rodriguez’s sister and Tony winner Priscilla Lopez as her overbearing Latina mom. The film’s dialogue is extremely witty and places Rodriguez in a position we hadn’t seen before – vulnerable. Sleeping With The Fishes has a second screening today at LALIFF.

The ALMA and Imagen Award-winning actress spoke to Lossip recently over the phone about her new film, what stresses her most in life, and what she really thinks about Devious Maids:

What drew you to the role of Alexis in Sleeping With The Fishes?

“I had returned from Sundance for Filly Brown and the commotion around that film really gave me the opportunity to get out there and audition for a lot more roles. I was trying to be as selective as possible – and not as in ‘My s*** don’t stink,’ but more so selective and strategic about what else I wanted people to see – another side I can play. When I got the script for Sleeping With The Fishes, I was literally laughing out loud within the first ten pages. Scripts rarely do that to me. Now whether we did the script justice or not, I hope we did, but it was very funny on the page. A lot of the scenes with me and Ana Ortiz were very organic. We had a connection that was beyond belief. I was definitely looking for a comedy to do, because Filly Brown was so dramatic. This role was an opportunity to play a different kind of Latina – a Latina who was second generation, who didn’t speak Spanish, that wasn’t all ‘Viva La Raza.’ This was much more so the way I grew up.”

Read on to find out about Rodriguez’s new role…

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