Neffe’s Having a Girl and Gettin’ Rid of Her Man

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Neffe’s having another little girl. She’s already got three by her soon-to-be ex-husband and a little boy by some crackish lookin’ jump off and now she’s having baby number five with Soullow, her wanna-be rapper/producer boyfriend. Okay, that’s it Neffe. Enough.

Neffe and Soullow just found out that they will be painting their baby’s room pink!

Neffe told S2S today that, yes, she pregnant and she’s having a girl. She and Soullow found out the baby’s gender Wednesday during her sonogram. They also found out that their little princess is due on October 3.

We can’t wait to see the baby, but we know she’ll be adorable. In the meantime, we’ll be checking the mail for an invite to the baby shower.

And as one chapter in Neffe’s life begins, another is ending. She is now officially Claude Priest’s ex-wife. The papers stating that their divorce was final came yesterday too.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget where you first heard about Neffe’s new baby. In case you need a reminder, check out the video below.

Its ridiculous how Hollyweird makes it okay for these celebs and reality TV people to just pop out kids with as many different people as they want like its all good. Those poor babies are going to be confused when they older. Who’s daddy is who again? SMH



  • Mjau


  • Proud ArmyWifee

    WOW, more power to you sista


  • Its a fact

    Typical. Ow how these black american women LURV to have multiple children by whoever, could someone PLEASE tell them that there is ABSOLUTELY no danger of black people running out as there is a whole CONTINENT full of black pppl, no need for them to feel they have to keep the race alive alone (and its always the ugly, ambigious-employment ones doing such sh*t- u will never catch Keisha doing this)

  • gillian

    Another Baby oh my days, and she cant even keep a man. lol

  • Dana1966

    She need to get her damn tubes tied. You were thinking of aborting the last one so you turn around and have another one…yeah thats bright.

  • Symone

    Once Kigali wakes up, this thread is going to get ugly.

  • Birth control is your friend.

    Please get your tubes tied!! Obviously you cannot handle the birth control thing. I can understand one slip up, but damn girl!

    GLOK9N: Shut the hell up, not all of us are doing this Neffie thing..many of us know how to use birth control and ensure we do not have multiple baby’s fathers and then sit around and complain about men. As for the men, use a damn condomn and quit talking about somebody tricked you. The only way you can be tricked is if you DO NOT know where babies come from.

    Ladies we are so in control of that part of our lives; there is NO reason to “ACCIDENTALLY” have this many kids.

  • Lisa Vee

    I guess thats another mouth to feed for Keyshia….

  • $moK.E.Y.


  • Mhhh Huhhh....

    @ Symone
    i laughed out loud at that, kigali does throw fuel in a fire…


    ghetto trash don’t fall far from the stoop.i bet her tummy looks like wrinkled aluminum foil.

  • Souljagir

    Wow, I hope she’s done those children deserve a stable up bringing. In case she hasn’t noticed there are too many Men out there committing unthinkable crimes to just be having babies with any Sam Sausage Head and bringing them around her children. She’s off the chain…….

  • Me No Likey

    Will not even add to this foolishness but Neffie is the WORST and the DUDES who keep going up in her RAW!

    DEAD at “i bet her tummy looks like wrinkled aluminum foil.” LOL!!!!

  • Black Beauty

    Enough was enough four kids ago. She better hope that her sister stays paid. SMDH

  • Souljagir

    ROFLMAO @ it’s a fact: “its always the ugly, ambigious-employment ones doing such sh*t- u will never catch Keisha doing this)”

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