What Gives? Rosario Dawson Talks About Her New Role As A Crack Mom

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Rosario Dawson New Role In ‘Gimme Shelter’

Rosario Dawson is tapping into her inner Whitney Houston for her upcoming role in the drama, Gimme Shelter. The Latina actress may only be 10 years older than Vanessa Hudgens, but she plays her cracked out mother in the Ron Krauss directed film.

In an interview with Elle, Dawson talks about perfecting her “crack walk”:

“Well, you’ve got to get your crack-walk down. I live in New York, so I’ve been accidentally studying that for my whole life. It was really hard! She’s the exact opposite of me. She really is a victim of everything in her life and circumstance and doesn’t take any responsibility for anything.”

She also commented about her role:

“You really have to embody that and believe it. It was difficult and painful.  After filming, a whole 24 hours later, I was taking a shower and washing my  face, and I realized I was grimacing. It was hard to get that out of my system.”

Whatever happened to empowering roles for Latinos in Hollywood? SMH.

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