¿Por qué? Mexico’s Textbooks Full of Grammatical Errors

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Mexico Textbook Errors

Students in Mexico are facing a harsh reality when they go back to school this fall: Their textbooks are plagued with errors for no apparent reason. According to Fox News Latino, these brand new textbooks have the kinds of errors that they should be trying to avoid like,  confusing words written with a “c” instead of an “s,” too many commas, not enough accent marks and plenty of other errors.

Consuelo Mendoza, the president of the national parent teachers association, expressed:

“It’s unfortunate these things happen with the children’s textbooks. We are talking about the education of millions of children.”

The report also states:

Experts say many teachers are unqualified, and under the old rules have been able to buy and sell their positions, which are relatively well-paying for Mexico’s rural areas. At the same time, teachers point to a host of problems they have nothing to do with: class sizes up to 40 students, curricula that promote rote learning over engagement, a lack of state money for maintenance.

We deserve better than this! Sounds like the Department of Education has some explaining to do…

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