Mexican Transvestite Prostitutes Share Their Stories

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Mexican Transvestite Prostitutes Tell Their Stories

Several transvestite prostitutes hailing from Mexico City are sharing their stories about abuse and sleeping with strangers for basic necessities. Due to Mexico’s struggling economy, prostitution has become a major source of income within the country’s capital and border towns. While brothels and pimping is illegal in Mexico, most city’s have “red zones” or “tolerance zones” where streetwalking is legal.

One sex worker, who goes by Krinza, told CNN:

“Most media distort our stories. I’ve been interviewed before and I’ve told journalists about how I’m making the sex profession a dignified one, but unfortunately they chose to write only about my interaction with clients and how much money I charged.”

Reporter Gloria Munoz has launched a training journalism program to empower women and sex workers to share their stories. She said in the clip:

“I think that by training them in our profession, and creating this workshop, everybody can learn how to be a journalist. It has become a duty for me. The now feel it’s not only a possibility, but a duty to tell their story.”

Keep spreading your truth ladies.


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