Kimora is a Spoiled Sport

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Looks like someone is feeling a little threatened by Blood Diamond Russ’ young meat. Russell Simmons has been dating 23 year old model Porschla Coleman for sometime now:

Kimora is not being very nice to her ex’s girlfriend, Porschla Coleman.” Kimora refused to allow Coleman to attend her Baby Phat show during Fashion Week because she doesn’t want Porschla to be photographed with her children. Russell is said to be particularly peeved, as he “holds no animosity toward Kimora or her boyfriend, Djimon Hounsou.

Well too bad Kimora, they have already been photographed together.



  • Kel

    first……. :)

  • justme


  • Missomygoodnezz

    Hell, its her show..if she dont want the hussy there thats her business!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    I don’t blame her! If she don’t like her that’s that, she has that right as their parent.

  • Bird

    That is odd. So she really thinks its ok for her and Djimon to be photographed with the children, but not Russell’s trophy? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • RIP Prop Joe - Omar OH Nooooo

    Many females operate this way.Kimora being rich doesn’t take away the ‘first babymomma syndrome’.It should, but you know how that goes…

  • African princess

    It’s a typical case of ‘I can be with someone new but you can’t be with anyone else’. If she didn’t want him to move on she should have worked on staying together.

  • Cage

    Catty. Happy Monday peoples.

  • TuesdaysChild

    Grow up Kimmora!

  • Fierce Chili

    silly girl, for real!

    Kimora does not have to have her at her show, however she could grow up about Russell and Porschla

    Kimora could learn to pick her battles, if Porschla is unsafe for her girls to be around thats one thing but other than that who gives a care about photos

  • Kompton's Kutie

    …Or maybe she thinks they might like Porschla..hmm!

  • Fierce Chili

    @ Kompton’s Kutie agreed

  • Ms Bentley

    Immaturity always speaks loud and clear….however I wouldn’t care to go where I’m not welcomed either.

  • baby


  • Kimy

    I can’t stand kimora, she would not be were she is right now if she had not slept with russel. I don’t hate but we need some real women who work hard for their money.

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