For Discussion: Is Zimmerman Latino, A ‘White Hispanic’ Or Gringo?

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George Zimmerman Race For Discussion

Depending on who you ask, George Zimmerman‘s race may be white, Hispanic or the newly adopted term by mainstream media, “white Hispanic.” Zimmerman, who is biracial (white and Peruvian), initially tried to downplay his Latino roots in order to “redirect the public’s understanding that there was no crime in self-defense, no matter the participants’ color.” However, that quickly changed once racial lines continued being drawn.

In an interview with NPR, his brother Robert expressed that George was being depicted as “some kind of mythological racist monster, [so] they lighten his picture, they call him white, they call him a racist” even though he “is actually a Hispanic non-racist person who acted in self-defense.”

However, several media outlets began coining Zimmerman a ‘white Hispanic.’ As noted in a Huffington Post article:

By labeling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic,” they serve their obvious political bias, but also they cynically serve their financial interests by keeping the race angle as part of the story’s subtext.

What are your thoughts on Zimmerman’s race? Discuss…

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