Polow is a Track Leaker

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“King of the White Girls” and hit producer Polow Da Don admits to leaking Usher’s tracks:

“I actually leaked it. I’m the culprit. It’s no secret. I told him when I saw him that I had to put my relationship on the line. ‘If it fails, I know you probably gonna be mad at me. I know you probably won’t f— with me anymore.’ When I spoke to Usher, he was like, ‘Maaaan, why’d you do it?’ He knew I leaked the record, he didn’t have to ask. I was like, ‘What?’ He said, ‘You know you leaked the record.’ But he was getting good calls on it too. He wasn’t mad, but he was like, ‘Why’d you do that?’

Usher has people around him like, ‘He’s Usher. He can’t do a song like that. Blah, blah, blah.’ Ain’t really no young people around him besides his assistant and the guys he runs with. But as far as the corporate people, they not out here in the street. They don’t know. I felt like me being best of both worlds — half-corporate, half-producer, all real n—a — I’m in touch with what people want.”

No comment on Polow’s self-description: “half-corporate, half-producer, all real ni**a”, but Usher did need a little something to get his music game back crackin. A lot of his fans weren’t feeling him after the marriage and now he should be back on track.



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