Republican Staffer Thinks Racist Obama Pic is Too Funny

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racist photo

A racist republican b*tch sent this sh*t around and has been given a… discipline letter. Notice the bottom right picture with just the eyes? That is supposed to be President Obama:

The picture you’re looking at on the right was allegedly sent from Sherri Goforth, research analyst turned executive assistant for Sen. Diane Black, on May 28 via e-mail, under the headline “Historical Keepsake Photo.” We’ve never seen President Obama in person, but we’re pretty sure those pair of spooked white eyes against a black background don’t quite do him justice. In fact, one could argue that forwarding an e-mail like this to 20 of your friends makes you look like an out-and-out bigot.

Update: Christian Grantham talks with Goforth. She says Black gave her a letter of reprimand but will keep her on the job. Also, Goforth only admits to having sent the e-mail to the wrong list; not exactly an apology.

Forget this b*tch and her jokes. She should have been fired! Wrong list our ass, she shouldn’t have been sending it out to anyone.



  • bobbizzie

    Typical Bullsh!t

  • Politicker

    if a black person made that joke it would be funny…

  • SO WHAT...

    fu*k this hoe. no need to be heated. obama is the chief EXECUTIVE while the closest this b*tch will ever come to having EXECUTIVE in her title concludes with ASSISTANT.

  • http://llic llic

    that white trash red neck should be fired.that is not acceptable.

  • Poca

    Looks good… UNIQUE! F** em’ all! They are just HATERS!!!!!!!! heheheh! O-B-A-M-A!!!!

  • knottmyhair

    lol @ Smoovee Sayz….i agree

    They just looking for ways to keep pissing us off, but it’s just making them look like the MORONS they R!

  • Smoovee Sayz

    @ knottmyhair…

    U know!! All that $$ these ppl get to work for the PEOPLE!!
    This is the best they could come up with and she doesnt get fired???

  • steelcitychick

    No point in being outraged. For the most part, most white folks are “good white folks”.
    There will always be a few who are scared that their race will be wiped off the plant, with all this inter-racial loving going on these days!

  • always knew

    Everyone always saying how racism , is a thing of the past….I think, not so much, it’s here to stay…



  • Org.mzcashout

    This ish rite here iz just ridiculous. This goes to show how IGNORANT sum ppl really are .

  • ggoodeimc

    Yeah. These white folks are really mad.

    THey are just upset that they can no longer control the masses.

  • Kacey

    yawn….they are getting repetitive & unimaginative with their ‘jokes’.

    Bring something actually funny, then we might laugh.

  • bria

    They are really letting their true colors come out. It’s not a suprise to black people because we know white people better than they know themselves. This is just a surprise to other white people.

  • missunderstood

    OMG! See, and everyone wants to holler about racial f*ckin’ harmony while WE are the butt of EVERYONE’S GD JOKE! This pisses me off to no end… And we are supposed to “forget it, get over it, move on”. F*ck that shyt!
    I say it all the time – covert VS. overt. That’s the only difference in now and 50 yrs ago….

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