Update: Tameka: “Please Stop Printing Stuff Like This, I Have Children”

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Twitter keeps the world in your business which is probably why Tameka Foster keeps spreadin’ hers every 5 minutes. She just tweeted to BDR about respecting her family during this difficult time

Via Tameka’s Twitter:

@UncleRUSH Im going thru a hard & embarrassing time. Pls ask globalgrind not 2 print things like this.Its not truth, I have children. Thanks

This is just the beginning of the battle, Tameka. You have no idea.

Just when we thought ish couldn’t get any messier, Usher pops up with some real shady demands regarding the divorce proceedings. Pop the hood for the messy details

Tameka Raymond very well may have been a loyal wife. Just not since last summer.

According to divorce documents filed by Usher on Friday and obtained today by E! News, the couple has been separated since July 2008—meaning that while he is seeking a divorce nearly two years after getting married, he and his estranged missus logged a mere 11 months together as husband and wife (loyal or otherwise) before going their separate ways.

“The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken,” read the documents, filed in Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Court.

“There is no reasonable hope of reconciliation.”

That’s one opinion. Wonder what the detectives apparently hired to trail the singer think…

The “Love in This Club” singer is seeking a full rundown of all documents his missus has kept during the course of their marriage, which began when the duo tied the knot in a quiet civil service Aug. 3, 2007.

That includes tax files, paycheck stubs, bank account information and other financial records, insurance policies, real-estate rental agreements, medical records and automobile registrations.

On the more personal—and potentially acrimonious—side of things, he’s also seeking copies of “notes, cards, letters, photographs, film, documents, tapes, voice recordings, gift, jewelry, clothes” or other evidence that reflects on Usher’s conduct during their marriage, as well as detective reports, photos or recordings that have resulted from either “surveillance or investigation” of her onetime better half.

The latter request seemingly brings credence to rumors that Raymond had hired a private detective to trail Usher during their time apart.

Making sure no stone is left unturned—or potentially leaked to the media, no doubt—he’s also requesting copies of “any and all diaries or personal notes kept…during the course of the marriage.”

Finally, Usher is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their two sons together, 18-month-old Usher V and 6-month-old Naviyd Ely, saying the tots “are substantially dependent upon each party for support.”

He is covering his @ss with all of these requests. Usher must have some major skeletons living in his closets. Tameka must have the dime on him something serious.



  • 2dimplzs


    Yeah he has something to hide. She man be an ugly, many looking thing but she’s not stupid!! He’s messing with an old cougar who knows some tricks to the game!! That’s messed up though. Was there a prenup with this marriage? I hope so!

  • Big D


  • Poca


  • MS K


  • http://www.popwife.com craigjc
  • diamondgurl

    Surveillance?!!! WTH!!! On who…him or her??? Why?
    sounds like some shady ish was goin’ on. This is about to get deep!

  • Nigga Said

    At this point the situations out of control. I know he never meant to hurt, but he’s gotta let her go.

  • http://www.imeem.com/mrslatiayates missunderstood

    Daaang! This is gonna be a trip. There goes their chance at an amicable divorce…11 months married, 11 months ‘seperated’. Ain’t no telling WHAT she has on him in that 11 months time…
    grabbing my popcorn….

  • Naima

    first?!! whoop whoop

  • Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make some change ( Hmmm, where is Tamecka?)

    Say it ain’t so…..lawd help us all Amen…lol…bet nobody have nuthin on my Ursher…

  • Meemeemoo

    Usher is Gay!!! Just like Chilli said.

  • diamondgurl

    ok, re-reading this…ol gurl ain’t playin’…she knew it was gonna come to this so she built up evidence against Ursher…she’s not going out without a fight, I see. He will probably have to push her some ‘hush’ money to make this go away.

    But I guarantee she’ll right a ‘tell-all’ book when all the dust settles

  • Elle

    I’m a divorce attorney. These requests are not unusual for a divorce proceeding. These are the sort of items usually requested so I wouldn’t read too much into the requests.

  • dee

    She caught herself a very “SLOW” individual, made 2 babies, now she will sue his SLOW ass.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I knew he married her because she had somethin on him! That’s what it sounds like to me! That’s DEEP!…only time will tell! It always do!

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