Amber Puts Lil’ Sis and BFF Up on Groupie Game

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Kanye and Amber

Ye and Amber are definitely back in effect. She was on the set of Drake’s new video “Best I Ever Had” which Ye was directing. She brought along her best friend for some extra groupie love and even her little sister got in on some action. Pop the lid for the pics

Drake and Amber's SisterDrake Amber and BFFDrAmberanddrakeDrake and Amber's BFFDrake and Amber's BFFAmber Rose and Minaj


  • Octavia

    Shit! Amber’s sis is ROUGH.

  • trs

    Amber is a very pretty girl.

  • http://wordpress delish

    she’s okay. it’s the hair cut

  • Smoovee Sayz

    Guess there is nothing wrong with keeping it in the family

  • Smoovee Sayz

    Hey trs!!

  • Dr. Winkie

    Kanye is using her to hide his gayness. Amber is him to move up the celebrity ladder.

    They both WIN!

  • wash ya ass

    Amber wants kanye’s seed , so she can get $20,000 /month ….

  • Smoovee Sayz

    This would have been real news had Amber brought Cassidy to the shoot…
    plus dressing him

  • shaahn

    that girl is not that pretty


    Amber looks like a drug dealer girlfriend. Real cute in the face hoochie walk but nothing you can have a real conversation with. Window dressing for the car. You really want to pick private schools for ya son with this girl? She’s too busy matching her nails to her gucci glassesses (on purpose). Every time I see I feel like asking her to say whassup to him for me on visiting day . Nas One Love.

  • Leeha

    check out that last picture of amber. she doesn’t look very good in that shot, a little bit old.–and on another site, it was reported that Amber was twittering about her BFF actually being her girlfriend.

  • Me No Likey "when Mel B's Husband takes his shirt off"

    Wow, Amber gets some strong reactions from you all. I personally don’t give a fig about her, Kanye, her bff, or her sister.

    What i do care about are her SHOES!!

  • Lady J

    @big homie….lol, that pic is just wrong on all levels….

  • Rock Rock

    oh and does n e 1 know what color she is??? What is her ethnicity??? I’d LOVE to know!

  • noelle

    Rock Rock

    oh and does n e 1 know what color she is??? What is her ethnicity??? I’d LOVE to know!

    Just call her white

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