The Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx Freak Video!!!

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The Guys Choice Awards is coming up on June 21st on Spike channel, Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry start freaking each other, right on stage. Crazy, huh? Remember when we commented on the hand job?


  • sushine20745

    she’s a hoe….how you gonna disrespect yo man like that…unless it was scripted…still though..unless they have an open relationship!

  • lil Fart

    haha bithces, second

  • wash ya ass

    Halle got the honey and run the money…model boy got no say so , he got to lay low…. Halle being halle

  • 2dimplzs

    That wasn’t even the HALF of what they did!! Jaime was on Conan O’Brien and he said the whole thing was staged BUT it was only supposed to be a kiss – mocking Adrian Brody slobbing Halle down when he won the Oscar. The whole crotch grabbing and booty grabbing was not part of what they had planned as Jaime said that once she put it on him the ways she did it was OVER!! He was ready to take it to the bedroom and said he had no choice but to grab her butt after she grabbed his stuff.

    Staged or not – she clowned her man with that one!! He looks like a straight SIMP now!!

  • Stop me when I start to lie

    Staged….. Big deal little minds putting to much into nothing

  • Nancy Na Na

    That kiss was intense…..

  • Unkle Ruckus

    Jamie looked a little, naw strike that, A LOT shook when they came back stage. LMBAO

  • Miss Beasley

    Yeah he did Unkle Ruckus! Like it was all a dream…

  • Well...time to musk up!

    She had dat swagg backstage.. . awesome.

  • me (the original)®

    Are Halle and whatever his name is still together?

    I mean, if it was staged, then it is what it is, which is acting. She is an actress, sometimes they do sultry scenes. Can’t get mad at her for that.

  • Winona

    That is why dude slapped her so hard that she is deaf in her left ear. She loose!

  • brnhornet

    I ain’t neva wanted to be another dude…..UNTIL NOW!!!

  • Chocolate Thunder

    I hear ya’ll but I’m damn jealous right now.

  • jandsmama

    Girl you are crazy and so right! LMAO!
    I knew the white meat wouldn’t keep her satisfied for long.

  • smmb

    If u listen to Jamie before he goes out he says “Hallee Berry, I don’t need this (script), I know exactly what she’s about to do”. So I would say it definately was scripted.

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