Amber Rose Wants Ye To Start Plantin’ Some Seeds

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Ye’s P*ssy Princess is back doing what she does best, spreadin’ em for magazines. Check out her latest pics for Planting Seeds



  • Back On My Swag

    I think she looks fab……from far away. No more close ups Amber, k? Thanks

    Call me crazy, but I love the blue shoes with that outfit.

  • Dont Tase Me Bro

    She is banger material but not wifey!

  • dayg715


  • .....

    She’s pretty – she can do better than Kanye’s chipmunk ass

  • Divine

    After seeing the “real” & “everyday” pictures of her without heavy makeup yesterday, i’m convinced she is smoke and mirrors. She isn’t that cute in the face. She has a helluva makup artist!
    Make up and airbrushing does wonders for folks….

  • SexyGillian

    She has got serious Swag

  • Glok9n:Lev 20:13


  • Black Beauty

    Say what you want, this chick is taking 15 minutes of fame to new heights. She has every right to use what her mama, a pair of clippers, and a bottle of bleach gave her. She’s nice looking, has a nice body and, supposedly, a freak. If fools want to pay her for these skills, it’s not her fault. Hey, I ain’t mad at her, she’s a hustler. In these economic times it’s every woman and man for himself. Do you Amber!!

  • Ummmmmm....

    I’m not an Amber fan, but I like her main photo. The other ones would have been better if they had a different background…just entirely too much going on in the photo visually…big tacky glasses, bright gold pants, bold buzz hair cut, big tv, green walls and tacky a$$ lamp. She looks like she’s taking a picture at the crib before she steps out to the club, not a model on a photo shoot!

  • bianca


    True dat. I almost forgot about that pic yesterday. I should have said she has a cute face with lbs of makeup on. I just dont understand what all the hype is surrounding her.

  • Sharie

    I love Amber- Nice pics

  • the insider

    And this is news because…? For someone you guys crucify for being an attention wh*re you lot are sure giving her a high dose.

  • missunderstood

    These are good pics…nSo she parlayed her jump-off into a modeling career… Good for her, she’s one of the smarter ones. She seems like she might actually be good at it.

  • Somewhat of An Accomplishment

    I’m just happy she has clothes on. She’s stepped up. Magazines are now willing to photograph her in a shirt and pants rather than doggystlye with a thong on.

    Way to go Amber!

  • ...... ........ .......

    Plant some seeds~ this chick is really trying to get paid~ Run Kanye…………….

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