Oprah Jr.

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The caption on this cover of Entertainment Weekly featuring Tyra Banks says “She’s Building an empire. Just don’t call her Oprah Jr.”  That’s funny, because isn’t that exactly what she is trying to be?

Kudos to Tyra for doing her thing, nonetheless.

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  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Oprah Jr. my ass…Tyra wishes she could be like Oprah. Corny ass.


    Not to mention she looks a mess I wish Tyra will ditch that lace front soon

  • Eva Pigford's Brother Evan Pigford

    Tyra is too dumb to be Oprah Jr. Oprah is intelligent, Tyra is a bimbo who just smart enough to captalize on opportunity. Oprah creates opportunities for herself as well as others.

  • Cage

    She doesn’t even have a quarter of Oprah’s money yet…. And ugly or no i would wife Oprah’s ass up lol…

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    maybe its just me but I’m sick of seeing Tyra in magazines, etc. with over the top poses…

  • mr.anderson

    Vapid and phony.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Is every talk show host in the world trying to be Oprah Jr? Not. That is all they have in common. I wish Trya nothing but success.

  • da darkness

    nobody cares, esp. me. if she O jr. why she ain’t did no movies? why she still rumbling through trash to get her points across? why she don’t got no beau with cake? why her forehead so damn big? why it be so dark around her eyes? why tiger dump her ass? why she don’t got no rythm? why she act so white?

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    Damn..it is some haters on here!!!

    FIRST: Tyra..Isn’t ugly!

    SECOND: She isn’t dumb! She is smarter than the people that are hating on her! If you were smart..YOU would be rolling in the dough..just like her, BUT instead..YOU are sitting on your miserable asses..hating on someone that is OUT there doing their thing!

    THIRD: If you was doing your thing…YOU would’nt have time to hate..ON the next person! :D

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Success is beautiful…..even tho I think she’s kinda fake….

  • ABW (Angry Black Woman)

    Keep Up the Good Work Ty Ty!

  • Jack Tripper

    Dayum why can’t Tyra be successful GOSH DAYUM. Anytime a sista is break barriers for young black women in a successful way you want to bring the sista down. She lives up to her last name SHE BANKS her dough. UPN/CW loves that girl and she is proving she got staying power.

    She aint shaking her ass everywhere she is a good business woman for younger girls to look up to.

    You go Tyra!!!

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Can’t be mad @ ya Tyra. Go on and do you, the haters should just motivate ya even more.

  • bree

    new hair please

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