Kelly Rowland: “I Want to be the Black Angelina Jolie”

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Kelly Rowland’s looking to adopt a bunch of children soon. That what happens when your biological clock is ringing and there isn’t a man around to hold it down. Flip the script for more

Former DESTINY’S CHILD star KELLY ROWLAND is planning to follow in the footsteps of stars like MADONNA and ANGELINA JOLIE – by adopting a child.

The singer insists she is ready to become a mum and wants to take in a youngster from her native U.S. after working with a charity program for disadvantaged children.

And Rowland is adamant she doesn’t want to adopt a baby – because there are so many older kids in need of good homes.

She says, “I’ve always known I would adopt in a heartbeat but I don’t want a baby – I want to get a child that’s five, six, or even 10.

“I was doing Home for Holidays, which is a charitable holiday program for kids in the States, and some of the statistics means (sic) that older children don’t get adopted as much. I’d love to make a child feel that they’re worth it – because every child is worth it.

“I don’t want that many children – but I want a family of five, including adopted children. That’s still a lot, but I think it would be worth it.”

Sounds like she’s planning on moving ahead with or without a man. She might want to fall back, Kelly isn’t bankrolling Angelina’s money.




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