Bad Boy Rep Fired For Letting Charlamagne Get In Cassie’s @ss

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Charlamagne got all up in Cassie’s bald-headed cakes earlier this week, and apparently there was a Bad Boy rep standing nearby who did nothing to try to censor the radio host:

Our boy Illseed reports that when Cassie and Red Café were at the radio station there was a Bad Boy Record’s or maybe Atlantic rep (whoever the parent company is) with them and that person has been suspended without pay. He/she was dissed for letting Charlamagne diss Diddy’s girl and Diddy right there like that. What the heck was that person thinking? SMH.

So the chick with absolutely no talent gets the rep fired…who probably has a degree, years of experience and actually worked hard for his/her position. That broad knew what she was getting into when she agreed to go on the show. As if Charlamagne is going to hesitate ripping a nun a new @sshole. SMH.


  • Hannibal

  • Just me

    Are you surprised? Diddy’s not having that.

  • LeahLeah

    I wonder if she cried??

  • Be Original

    He or she probably felt that Charlemagne was right. Oh well. He took one for the good of trying to help save the recording industry. The truth hurts. Sorry Cassie. Your next album is going to flop just like the last one. Good luck in life though b/c your days are truly numbered. 5…..4…..3…..

  • so what, who cares?


  • dayg715

    and who the hell is charlemagne again?

  • noelle

    Jay is you gon’ let me work for you? Befdore we left the house, they was balastin’ the B’Day dvdand I wa slike wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…I will give him ymresume lol

  • Ruthless

    Um EVERYTHING Charlemagne said was true. Cassie is just another no talent hoe on Bad Boy who won’t be remembered in years to come. This is the Bad Boy curse at its finest.

  • ja nae nae

    slow day

  • Honey Beauty

    I don’t think the rep should’ve gotten fired. Bad Boy and Cassie should’ve know what they were getting into once she walked into Charlamagne’s domain.

    That’s like going to hell and expecting the devil to give out ice cream.

  • Honey Beauty

    Also, why does the rep need to lead Cassie by the hand and escort her out to avoid being clowned on? The rep is being paid to represent, not babysit.

    Plus, ever since the interview, Cassie has been getting praised for keeping cool. She definitely won some cool points from me.

  • Speaking the truth...

    I guess you would have to keep your cool when you cant sing. The truth hurts ladies and gentle. But no man should be fired because an artist can’t handle a radio host. She had to shave her head to remain revelant.

  • hellonursenancy

    Why don’t people understand this?*

    Co-sign with “Speaking the Truth”

  • shaz

    it wasnt that bad, if any1 knows charlamagne from wendy williams days when they were co-hosting 2gether they had 2 know what they were walkin into… but in a way that rep had 2 be fired cuz he really shoulda stepped in, but yeah cassie held her own

  • Ms. T.

    @6am HiLArious!

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