Tameka: “In My Mind, Usher and I Are Still Married”

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Tameka Foster

Tameka knows she needs to get her life in check and stop living in delusional town. Usher filed divorce papers and has been living in his own place for a year. What more does this poor woman need to see before she realizes her Hollyweird marriage is done?

Tameka Foster, the woman who Usher seems bent on divorcing, will not let a little thing like divorce papers get in the way of her marriage. Exhibit A: She’s still wearing her wedding ring.

We got the shot at LaGuardia Airport in New York yesterday. Usher seems more than ready to cut ties. We got him at LAX this week minus his wedding band.

This is when a woman needs some real girlfriends who will slap some sense into her @ss. SMH



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  • theinsider

    Hey just coz the marriage over there’s NO NEED to toss a good looking diamond ring.

    I say “go ahead Tameka, rock that rock!”

  • Girl Please Make My Day

    women are usually more sentimental, some are just delusional.

  • enkogkneegro

    Happy daddys day

  • Ok

    When those divorce papers are delivered that whaen you shouldnt hold on anymore. I mean but if Usher is dead set on a divorce she might as well let it go! He is out there f*ckin every chick and you still waiting for him to come home and “come to his senses”. No ma’am! Move on! I would however keep that ring!!! Please, marriage might be a wrap but that ring would def be on my hand for eternity unless I decided to pawn that motherf*cker!

  • Eboni

    she need to just let it go. the marriage is over & her don’t want her anymore time to move on!!

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    In her defense, divorce is never an easy thing to get over. However, Usher should have listened to his mami first, because even when the divorce is finalized, he is still attached to this woman for the rest of her life. Momma always knows best and she knew Tamika was up to no good. This is a marriage that should have never happened…poor kids.

  • tgreen

    I have to say I’m not a Tameka fan first of all and not because she married usher but because she left her kids with the dad to marry another man and have other children but I will say its her ring and she can wear it as long as she wants and furthermore until the divorce is final she is after all married. Why are you people worried about whether or not she has a diamond, could it be because a lot of you have never had a guy give you one and if you did it was what i like to call a industrial diamond can we all stop being so materialistic. Its just a rock but then again if you ever owned a few nice ones you would know that. Lets worry about more important things like when her other kids grow up and realize their mom left them to make another family. That is a slap in the face to say the least and I’m sure down the road she will have to repent for her actions whatever the case if she wants to hold on to her 15 minutes of fame to get her alimony check let her if you were in her shoes most of you would do the same thing

  • Lyfe

    Usher married a fraudulent brawd…now, he is about to reap the repercussion. In reality, I think this dude is as fraudulent as the woman he married. You mean to tell me, you fought so many people, including your mother for the love and approval of your woman…only to file of divorce 2 years later?

    I don’t think this marriage was based on love…more so business. Both had some business agenda. She would get a healthy alimony check….and he would have new material for his upcoming album. It is a risk…and may backfire.

  • Truth be told

    Soundz like a Heather Headley remix

  • leave-it-be


  • blackbeltshopper

    Girl cut your mental &(hopes of)physical ties w/him bec he already did w/you…Now you know how your 1st husband felt..wanting someone that dont want you..silly chick!!! Just cherish the moments. save all your pictures & enjoy ALL of your children…It’s time to focus on ALL of them now…

  • Bri Bri

    I used to defend Usher and his choice in marrying Tameka. I thought he had really grown up and made his own decision, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the hell is his problem? Apparently he knew this woman for years before he married her. He marries her defends her and his decision to marry her to the entire world just to turn around and divorce her barely 2 years later?!?!? This guy is a fraud. Not only is he a fraud but he’s a fraud who brought 2 innocent babies into his mess. What an douche bag.

  • bobbi

    Bri Bri, usher is a homo. he put his long time boyfriend through medical school and, last year, when the BF tried to end it with him, he went ballistic. i think usher needs to come on out and live his life the way he really wants to. keeping up false images is no way to live…

  • 619Diva


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