LeToya Luckett: “I’ll Be at the Bet Awards Yall, No Matter What!”

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Letoya’s not going down without a fight. Looks like Mathew Knowles’ attempt to squash her upcoming BET Awards performance didn’t quite go the way he had hoped. Pop the lid for more Letoya vs. Mathew beef

In case you haven’t heard the beef, there’s rumors claiming Matthew Knowles is trying to get Letoya pulled out the BET Awards because Beyonce is set to perform. Shots fired!!! So during an interview with WPGC’s DJ Flexx, she was asked to address the rumors…

Dj Flexx: “Let’s just say that it’s true, how does it make you feel that Matthew would go so hard at you to get you off the show?”

LeToya: “It saddens me a little. Because our situation happened close to 10 years ago, and I think as we all know Bey is a very very very talented artist, and I think that we both have our own lanes and fanbase, and I don’t see why I would have to be one of the ones picked out of the entire crew of females that will be hitting the stage that night. I don’t know… I’m gonna try and word this right… I just don’t understand why I’m picked outta that group because there are so many other female artists performin’ that night and I think we all deserve to have a chance at that stage. Everybody works hard and we all have something different to offer, from Keyshia to Keri to Bey, everybody is different in their own ways so it saddens me if that’s true, and I hope that’s not the case but I’ll be there regardless”.

Mathew Knowles and the Bey machine might intimidate other people but not LeToya. Go girl.



  • Kelly Rowland

    Wow! What a beauty! No wonder Papa Knowles felt threatened and wanted her out of the group. I am so sick & tired of that control freak and his fat ass, ghetto ignorant talking daughter.

  • Katerina

    U go girl11

  • The Plain Truth

    Good for her. I hope she does show up and sing, so Matt can pull Bey and her reheated act off the show. She’s just plain overrated and overhyped.

  • theinsider

    Go get em Toya!!!

  • Silly One

    I wish Beyonce would have a seat. I hope she really takes a break like she said she would. I am glad Letoya handled this situation like a lady.

  • Hart

    Thank YOU finally someone agreeing with me about Bey being crappy @ss rehash

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Leave that girl alone Matthew! Let Letoya do her thing.



    honey, if beyukmouth was really all that, this situation wouldn’t be going on, now would it?


    …and floponce is the only hater falling over themselves right now, hon.

  • So unfair!

    that’s so unfair. Letoya keep doin your thing!

  • http://msn missy davis

    I think she handled this very well. As she said they are two different artists. The same way Matthew’s daughter was giving a chance to shine when she first hit the seen, everyone else should get the same shot.

  • apples

    Yeah she is a BAD ass! bet you did not call your father yet but just could not wait to hate on the best in music. Yes that is Ms Bey, AKA Mrs Carter but for you haters just call her Flop… Fabulous, Loving, Outstanding, Professional.Thank you vey much.

  • hi haters see you at work

    why the dj didn’t as her if BET did ask her to perform. that’s the question that’s need to be ask. It seems as if every time she has an album coming out she and her ppl try to bring up Matthew or beyonce to sell cds. Of all the artist out why would BET choose Latoya? she don’t even have a hits single. look how many other artist have hit single so why would BET even give her the time of day.

  • http://yahoo barbara

    People you amazes me. How can you even think that Beyonce or Matthew would stoop that low to stop a artist. Letoya has a ablum to release in 2 months. She needs something like this to make her noticable. It happened when her last album came out. If there’s not a alum to be release you don’t hear beyonce or Letoya name in the same sentence. Think people, think her camp is working hard to discredit Beyonce and try to make Letoya the new Beyonce. It just won’t work, let Letoya be Letoya without trying to conpare the two former dc members. They really are 2 different people and We all know Mrs Beyonce Carter is a real performer singer and actress. Well if you are to patent after someone why not the best. Letoya camp team is smart. Go for the best to make your artist somewhat noticable, so why not Beyonce because she is the best. It is what it is. Real talk people

  • hi haters see you at work

    Ciara’s album flop and Ciara would have a better chance performing than Latoya

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