Evan Ross: I’m Not Married Yall, Just in Love, Damn!”

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Evan Ross and Girlfriend

We’ve been wondering for a while about those crazy marriage and no-pre-nup rumors regarding Evan Ross and his much older side piece. Well, looks like Evan brings all of that drama to an end with this interview

What is the craziest Internet rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
I hear things from other people more than I see things. As time goes on I’ve just decided to not look at it much. Even on this film when my hair was long, people were talking all kinds of stuff—I’m Michael Jackson’s son.

[Laughs] I love Michael, that’s family, but I’m of course not his son. So many things… they said I was married just a little bit ago. I got this girlfriend that I’m always with and now I’m married! [Laughs] What are you going to do? That stuff doesn’t bother me much. I’m in a good place where I’m enjoying my life, having a great time and being young.

So, it’s not true—you are not married to anybody, that’s false?
No, I’m not married. I am in love right now, I’m enjoying that, but I’m not married. I’m just enjoying life and they’re like, “Oh, he doesn’t have a prenup!” People are just hilarious. [Laughs] Life is good and I’m not mad.

Thank God he didn’t go there or Diana would’ve gone upside his head for that.


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