Kelis Commits TMT – Too Much Tweeting

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Kelis must have read Nas’ Father’s Day blog over the weekend since she decided to respond via her favorite form of communication Twitter! Pop the top for more

Via Kelis’ Twitter:

# They got together so he’s definitly family but father doesn’t come to mind. So to all u daddy’s out there who count happy fathers day!about 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Lol I actually forgot the holiday today. My father passed away years ago and my mothers husband is awesome but I was long gone by the timeabout 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

For you! But I’m sitting here thinking I can’t think of any guys I know who are really great fathers not being funny or cruel I just can’t!about 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Hmmmm completely forgot today was fathers day….. Was talking to my friend just now. And for all those great daddy’s out there this is not

Damn Kelis, you definitely put Nas out there real nice. We’re sure that won’t help to make things any easier when the baby’s born and you’re fighting for custody. Fall back mama.


  • Chocolate Thunder


  • zappy

    First, Kelis needs to fall back. This is not healthy.

  • http://bossip mybaad


  • Hannibal


  • melo

    Yeah…i follow her…she does tweet too much…her and that annoying assed Amanda Diva!

  • MsMarks


  • K.C.

    she pregnant and barefoot…wht else wud she do

  • Hannibal



  • chaka1

    Who in the hell follows Twitter?

  • me

    she’s hurtin. let her get her vent on. she’ll get it together… natural bitterness. sounds like first baby mama if you ask me.. stories parallel, she tried to warn you.. i mean in a book that smeared yaw both but i mean don’t miss the point. lol

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    I’m sitting here thinking I can’t think of any guys I know who are really great fathers not being funny or cruel I just can’t!

    I guess that’s REALLY common ’cause I sometimes CANNOT figure out why some women chose to be with some of the men that they are with or got knocked up by…

    Y’all Ladies don’t look for solid qualities and character traits when you choose men?

    Like signs of him being (*just to name a few):
    – a good friend
    – a good father
    – a good husband

  • Akin Aribisala

    oh my sweet kelis

  • Janelle

    I used to be a huge fan of Kelis, but nowadays she is disappointing me with the hoodratiness (new word) that she is partaking in.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    @me or Whoever Read That Book By Carmen

    Can somebody tell me what was in that Book that Carmen Bryan (Nas first baby momma) wrote? ‘Cause a few of y’all keep on saying she warned you (Kelis) when y’all talk about the both of them…

    People keep on mentioning it and saying this and that but could one of y’all give me a quick summary or the gist of it…

    And no, I’m not gonna pick up THAT book… If I’m gonna read something I’m gonna read something that I’ll learn something from not this type of stuff…

  • breeee.

    this back & forth stuff is so ghetto and unnecessary. theyre not hurting anybody but the kid(s).

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