Drake and RiRi: We’re Just Good Friends

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Drake’s doing what all Hollyweird people do, trying to shut down rumors by saying that RiRi is just a “good friend”. We know what that ish means. A “good friend” that you chop down on a regular basis and party with as often as possible and shout out about at your concerts.

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Although he and Rihanna have been spotted around town smooching, Drake is dispelling rumors that he and the 21-year old “Disturbia” singer are dating.

“We’re just good friends,” the Toronto-based rapper (real name: Aubrey Drake Graham), 22, tells ET Canada. “She’s a great person, and I am happy to have her in my life. She gives me a lot of great advice, and she is very talented.”

Best known for his role on the teen series Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake said recently that he is writing songs for Rihanna. Asked if they would ever do a duet, he replied with a chuckle, “Maybe someday.”

While Drake is due to tour this summer with Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and Young Jeezy, Rihanna is expected in a Los Angeles court Monday for a preliminary hearing in the Chris Brown assault case.

Its all good Drake. The truth will come out sooner or later.



  • SHUT UP!!!!

    aint noboby choping him down. He’s Ugly

  • SHUT UP!!!!

    Chris Brown look way better even though they both ugly

  • Moreaces

    Although I think he has major issues, Chris is def. the most handsome of the two, but that being said who cares if Drake and RiRi are together,


    ICHI BON???? either way…..why is this news?

  • Masie_UK

    He is the ugliest light skinned boy i’ve ever seen. What the hell do dumb idiots see in him? Plus his music is painfully mediocre. Damn, seems like people are settling for mediocre these days when it comes to music..a shame

  • Ninja Daily

    It’s nice that she has some friends to lean on during this difficult time.

    Check out more Rihanna news at hollyninja.blogspot.com

  • http://twitter.com/ihavesuperpower twitter.com/ihavesuperpower

    you can bang out your “friends”…that’s cool too. They’re getting it in, but Drizzy if you’re smart, you’ll keep that shyt to a minimun & well managed. Trouble becomes her.

    I love Rhi-Rhi, just love Drake’s burgeoning career more , just saying…

    @ihavesuperpower …come see about me ;-)

  • fresh

    Drake is…nevermind, it wasn’t nice!!!!

  • Nia

    I’m sure he’s cool, but I don’t ever have to hear “Best I ever had” ever again. Between that & “Birthday Sex”, I’m burnt out on the radio.


    Well CandyKanne, I comment on the talent part- SHE IS A MEDIOCRE TALENT- SHE NEED TO GIVE HERSELF A BREAK I KNOW THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. PS must we have a update on these people every day.

  • CandyKANNE

    @ C Lanier

    She has no talent. Period. She’s really beautiful, and is “Hands-Down” the Best Dressed chick in the game, but she can not sing-ah-lick!

    She’s famous co-signed by Jay-Z and she always, always in the tabloids.

  • lies and bullshit

    well judging from that open sore on her mouth a few months back, let’s hope that any man trying to get with her gets mutual STD tests. Yes, CELEBS CAN HAVE STD’S! DON’T LOOK SO SHOCKED…


    Yes Rihanna is beautiful but, so are a lot of the other singers such as Beyonce, Ciara, Cassie, Keri and a few others. She has her own style of dress beit her own or a clone of someone elses style.

  • Anon101

    Drake…don’t do it…please reconsider!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/pink_feathers ChinyereCouture

    The ruined Best I Ever Had for me…I can’t hear that sht anymore…I quit the radio. Bye.
    Anywayy…just tell everyone the truth…you “hit it…hit it…hit it…SMASH”ed. Then move on, because she’s trouble incarnate. Buh-bye.

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